It may seem the purpose of Fortune Telling is to find out about the future, but the real purpose is to find out what to do to improve the future. Rather than predicting the future, Fortune Telling is remembering the past. Real Fortune Telling takes this form: When things have been like "this", and people have acted like "this", then there usually were "these" kind of results.

To develop this advise required acts of generalization, but to use the advise requires acts of particularization; the advise must be made relevant to your specific situation: the actual context you are in and the actual results you want. Then the suggested course of action is likely to improve your future.

The successful use of Fortune Telling is very challenging, and requires great insight into the ways of your world. This is why near the end of his life Confucius said that
if he had another fifty years to live he could master the I Ching (Book of Changes).

The I Ching is a fortune telling system from over three thousand years ago!
Its success depended upon the best thinking of those times. Is it possible
that the best thinking of our times is somewhat more advanced?

What might a modern I Ching look like?
What if the hexagram you were given was not just a matter of chance, but it was determined by answers you gave to questions a computer asked?
And what if the advice that corresponded to that hexagram was to improve your mentality in some way very relevant to your current situation?
An animated interactive program exists that does just that: it is called "HEX".

Keep this in mind: a journey of a thousand miles ends in but a single step. But any journey must also have a first step, so to receive the program "HEX" send your
name and E-mail address to

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Mr. Gilbreath is an expert in the development of comprehensive intelligence.