We all are going to be witnesses to a rare and powerful astrological eventthat will unfold on the 8 th of June , 2004. On this date , the planer Venuswill pass over the Sun and will be clearly visible to the naked eye . Thiscan even be called as the eclipse of the Sun by Venus . Although Venuspasses across the Sun say once every 18 months or so , passing exactlyacross the disc of Sun is a rarity . This article is an effort to visualizethe possible effects on the earth and earthlings of this astral event.

Venus stands for good things of life . Luxuries , aesthetics , love , fineremotions , clothes , jewelry , wife , lover , adornment, refinement, thefeminine, affability, riches, society, aesthetics, cheer, artisticappreciation, harmony, courtship, the fine arts , the sense of hearing andthe sensual indulgence and poetry. The Sun stands for ego , control , power, the sense of self , the self image , the male element , the foundation .Mercury stands for intellect , the comic side of life , the lateral thinking, the intellectual pursuits . All these three planets are coming together inclose conjunction on this day . They are coming together in the house ofTaurus , in the nakshatra of Mrigashira or the nakshatra of Mars . Thus wecan say that the king , the favorite of his consort and the court jester aremeeting at the house of the consort by the fireplace ! Are you in a positionto visualize such a meeting ?

What would be the effect of such a gathering on the celestial and earthlylife ?

The King will dominate . The consort will try to play the best host ,whilethe jester will try to please both of them . Some display of fine arts islikely like singing . Some intellectual jugglery like work play , jokes ,double entendre will also be the fillers for the program. And behold , thestrong planets Rahu in Mesha and Saturn and Mars in Mithuna are just outsidethe front and back door . Saturn is keeping a check on Jupiter the Celestialsystemiser , while pluto representing the collective people is watching thescenario from the seventh house . A loaded situation indeed .

Venus is retrograde , while Mercury is going forward . Both are combust thuswill not be able to do anything by their own selves but will act it outthrough the Sun . The orders will be given by the Sun and will be followedby the faithful servant Saturn and the commander Mars .

A lot of unfinished business will come to the anvil to be finished . /thiswill be from about 18 months previous . The decisions taken will be more interms of indulgence and intellectual jugglery than the merit of the matterand also with an eye to the future . Thus a lot of unfinished business willbe finalised and a lot of unfinished business will be created whoserepercussions will be known over the period of next 18 months . People willtend to lap up luxury goods , especially for use by the female folk and forchildren .Sale of throat medications will go up and so will that ofcosmetics and jewellery as people will try to please their spouses . Alsopeople will commit so some kind of long term regular expenditures likebuying items of leisure on rent or on monthly installments. Everyone willtry to get as much butter on their bread as possible keeping an eye offuture benefits or money to be made in the future . A delusion ofmegalomaniac tendency is likely to be visible . Get rich quick schemes ,lotteries , mega schemes will find a lot of sponsors . As Jupiter is havingits drishti on the first house , all this will be within the limits ofpropriety and law .

For those materially inclined , this is just the period of carefulindulgence . Enjoy to your heart's content but be within the limits . Drinkas much as you like but do not drive thereafter . Go to places of yourdreams but be sure that you have your return ticket booked already . Go tohorse races or splurge on lottery but go there with only a limited amount ofmoney and leave at the end of it if you happen to spend it . Do not borrowand bounce at any cost .

For those who are spiritually inclined this is the period of indulging inspiritual fine art . Engaging in spirituality by material means . Likebuying new mantra cassettes , reading new books , going back to oldpractices which you may have stopped , going for a more vigorous kind ofmeditation , systemizing your routines , visiting esoteric shrines andtemples and taking your spouse along . Read the famous book Chocolate or beter still accompany your wife to the movie by the same name .

For those who are action oriented , please think thrice before embarking on any dangerous mission or taking any hasty steps . Not only is their discord anongst your middle in form of Saturn and Mars , this conjunction is not very much in favour of action .

For the couch potatoes , no time is better than this to be what they love to be best at . Couch potatoes . Get lots of supplies , cushion your sofa , pick handful of casettes in case the cable does not live up to its expectations and give it a go .

For lovers , this is the time to work on their relationships . Repair , redress , address , and revisit the trouble spots in the past and retake your vows . You will find the atmosphere very helpful .

For students , it is time to go back to routine of schools and homework . Itis time to type of their time tables and targets and start doing regularstudies . They will do well to take a bird's eye view of the next two yearsbefore getting down to the nitty gritty of day to day studies . The morethey systemize the more they will gain throughout the year .

For housewives , take time to look at the family affairs and aesthetics at home . Clean up the home , use some fragrance , dim lights , make good food and you will be able to get what you want out of your spouse and children .

Overall the Venus Retrograde , Sun Mercury conjunction promises somethingfor everyone . Indulge , enjoy and Gain !

Author's Bio: 

Anand K. Ghurye is a Mumbai based Holistic Management Consultant and Growthand Development trainer. Simplifying work , enriching life and energisingrelationships are his major focus areas . He hosts group programs and alsotakes part in individual counselling . He is associated with Network of WellBeing , an organization dedicated to enriching life through self observationand self awareness and Vishnugupta Pratishthan , an association forResponsibility Economics .

During his practice and training and development , while he used Westernoriginated tools , he realised that Jyotish , is a holistic approach toquestions of human development and thus started the unending journey . Todayhe is a leading Jyotishi in Mumbai , and an honorary Jyotish teacher atAbhijit Astrological Academy Mulund and Nadabrahma Academy , Kalyan . Heextensively tours and lectures on the application of Jyotish for generalwellbeing and in day to day life .