Dear our beloved crying planet…

I read an article last week in “The Gazette”, a local English paper here in Montreal Canada. It was titled “Time is running out” and was written by Peter G. Brown. He is a professor in the school of the Environment at McGill University. Professor Brown emphasized on the fact that “Our survival requires that we fix global warming now and is arguing that the very stability of our civilization is at stake if we don’t address the problem of substantial climate change”. We thank you Professor Brown for enlightening us of the facts of our time.

That is all very well to say, but who really cares enough to listen? I believe no one!

According to Professor Brown “it might take between 500 to 1000 years for a very substantial rise in sea-level to occur, perhaps by 10 meters within that time”. That is not too much time in terms of geological years, but in the human life span, well, it seems like an eternity! I do feel the majority of us do not care because we think we will not be alive to suffer the consequences.

That is a response from many ‘So-Called’ responsible human beings like you and I, and if governments do not seem to care, what can we do as individuals? Not a great deal if we place our priority upon having a six pack of beer and watching the hockey or a football game. Tomorrow is just another day and we are counting the days until we die and become another mere statistic which proves the fact that we have passed through this plane again!!! It is about time that we as a human race waken up and start to see things in the light of reality!

We are too preoccupied with what is going on in the world watching the nuclear arsenal growth in Iraq. However, we do not realize or even care to acknowledge the fact that we are simply waiting to suffocate from a lack of Oxygen in the atmosphere due to the fact that we are already polluting this planet and cutting down trees just to see a bag full of publicity every week on our doorstep, telling us what is on special in the stores this week. That is acceptable for many of us and it doesn’t seem to be the priority of any government who seem to just sit back and accept all the pollution inflicted upon us by Major Corporations, and so on from other different factors.

Well, in such cases we can give a closed eye on a few things when it comes to many politicians. Why not after getting so many donations and lobbying being poured upon them, just for them to be re-elected? We are all going to die anyway, so why not throw a nuclear war? We won’t feel a thing! It is easier and less painful than having an ocean flooding upon us and suffocating us under all the water. With these facts in mind, isn’t it about time that we waken up and start looking at life from a new perspective and with a new attitude?

When we look at our politicians many of them are usually old, and really, why would they care about our environment? They will be dead within few years and they won’t be the subject of pain and suffering when the environment becomes totally unstable, so much that it’s unable to sustain itself and our lives here. If you believe this then think again. You are seriously misled!

In reality, whether you believe this or not, it does not matter. In the universal scale of things, our real purpose on this earth plane is to grow and evolve at a soul level, and yes, we are ALL souls and we are all subjected to the law of Karma. We come here to this plane lifetime after lifetime in order to gain worldly experiences that provide us with our growth. Every single politician, corporate head, and any other decision maker that has contributed towards the destruction of this planet at any point in time, will all be back here to live during that moment of destruction. This will be the cause of their own actions in their previous lifetimes. This will be the case, regardless if it was 20 years, 500 years and even 1000 years later. This might sound severe, and why is this so? Well, it is just not for the fun of it, or for punishment, it is the experience that is required by their soul in order for it to evolve beyond the awful deeds in its past experiences.

Karma deals with the law of cause and effect. Everything that happens to us (effect) has had a previous cause. The evolution of karmic law means that we can be the master of our own destiny. Your karmic lessons in life reflect the qualities that you either lack, or are weak in and are those hindering your success. They indicate experiences or obligations that you have avoided, or were not even aware of, from which you managed to escape in some past life. They now crop up in your present life as obstacles to your success, unless you make a conscious effort to conquer them. Every karmic debt you accumulate in this lifetime will be carried over to the next lifetime in order for the soul to master its own evolution. Perhaps you don’t believe in Karma but considering the sorry state of the human race, isn’t it about time you investigated some other alternatives to the truth of our existence here?

What happened to all those summits where those politicians who stood posing for their famous pictures where they are photographed all together and smiling at the end of the summits? Did anything change after those meetings? Very little changes happened and any which did occur were probably for those things which bear less importance and do not have any effect on any Corporations.

Polluting our planet and someone building a nuclear bomb is practically the same thing. In both ends we are going to die. One is in slow motion and the other is faster. Which one do you choose? Make up your mind, are you choosing death number 1 or death number 2. Well death number 2 is faster and easier than the first one. Don’t you agree?

The one thing that really bothers me in our planet is where are all of these so called religions? How come we don’t hear anything from them? What are their inputs when it comes to the devastating problems that are affecting of our planet? The biggest religions are more preoccupied with against fighting each other in the name of God and claim to be the ‘chosen ones’. Under such circumstances, big governments will make sure they keep fighting each other and in some cases they even support such acts of war as it provides the means for them to do what they are pleased to do. This keeps us all divided and it is easier for them to claim control and power over us when there is no unified voice of the people to speak. Does that seem right to you?

It is in the name of GOD, if you all believe in His or Her existence, that you insist upon fighting each other and have done so for so many years. To achieve what may I ask? In the end, you all have the same GOD but believe in a different messenger. That’s the only difference!! Think about it! Isn’t it GOD who created this planet that we call earth? If you are fighting each other in the name of that GOD then instead of fighting, why don’t you use that energy and effort toward protecting His or Her creation? Isn’t it that more rewarding for our GOD than fighting?

Please take a moment to have some inner reflection if I do not make any sense to you with what I am saying. You all pray to the same creator so why don’t you then sit down and figure out how to save his creation and start making some pressure instead of fighting?

I believe the leaders of all religions should really begin taking responsibility in making some changes. It is time to begin educating their people about truth of the situation. In the event of war, nothing, and I mean nothing will ever be solved. War only succeeds in creating more anger, hate, suffering and children growing up feeling lost, confused and bitter towards life. The only way we will understand this is when GOD shakes us up. Perhaps he might do so by giving us a few earthquakes or why not the odd hurricane or volcano all over the planet, in order us to ‘shake’ us up into seeing sense? Human beings need humiliation to make them stand up on their feet and begin bringing more loving energies and compassion to themselves and their fellow ‘soul mates’.

How many of you know the name of your neighbors? Or, in fact, better than that, how many of us greet our neighbors when we pass them and give them a smile? Not many I’ll bet, but you’ll see, when disaster strikes and if there is a tragic event that hits the whole neighborhood we will not hesitate to ask for help and assistance when we are shaking with fear and suddenly beginning to appreciate life and other people. Only under such circumstances will we ever be thankful enough to realize what we have in our hands. We will greet each other, hug each other and wish each other well for our safety, why not do these things before a disaster strikes? We probably need major disasters to hit every country before we will change our selfish ways. Maybe then we will wake up and face the reality of our existence.

Things really should not have to be made to go to that extreme. It is about time to waken up. We are in a world where our priorities have been tempered with power, greed, money and control. We have witnessed throughout history anything that goes up must come down. It is a cycle of life and no one can tamper with that! Why? A big part of those processes cause humans to become saturated with their greed, ego and pride. That’s a fact of life!

Your voice does matter just get up from sitting in your corner and start caring by taking responsibility for your existence as a part of the human race. You are not just a statistic and you must allow yourself to be heard! This planet is becoming increasingly sicker everyday and it needs your help! Think about it! Life should be enjoyed regardless of all the hurdles that you passed through in your previous life experiences and lessons. Just use these experiences and lessons to your advantage, regardless of how bad they were. In reality your worst experiences are your best assets as they bring more growth. By using your own knowledge to help other people to get over their hurdles is a blessing because you know you have grown to become a better human being.

I am not trying to preach you here for you to join any group, belong to a religion or even convert to spirituality. There are already enough of those groups out there! I do personally believe in what we refer to as GOD. However, GOD to me exists as an illuminated, creative source of energy that brings us love and compassion in order for us to be happy. So I will refer to GOD as the “Great Energy Source”. What I am trying to show you is the awareness and the understanding that we are all human beings here! Perhaps it is hard to believe you are a human being, regardless if you are rich, poor, black, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or which ever religion you belong to. We are all Souls manifesting in today’s world in the shape that makes us who we are as a unique being in regard to our universal consciousness’ growth. However, as a human being, in reality we are not different from anyone else.

You are here for your growth, in order for us as Souls to reach, touch and be surrounded with that “Great Energy Source”. That source is not far from us, but it is a part of us because it exists within us, as us and at all times. Acknowledge the presence of that “Great Energy Source” inside of us and not outside of us and that way, you will be able to allow the love and compassion to surface into your being for you to see that we are all from the same source and will return to the same source after our life having (hopefully) further progressed in our own evolution as individuals, but under the larger consciousness that is available in the universe that we are all a part of.

Please take a moment to reflect upon and realize your priority in this lifetime. You do have a purpose which should manifest itself in a way by coming back here again to make a change and the difference that is required of you and never doubt that responsibility. This planet needs help and needs you to waken up and realize just what is really going on in the world around you. It is time to make your life worth living!

Joseph Ghabi
The Free Spirit Centre

Author's Bio: 

Joseph Ghabi’s early career began rather ‘technically’ with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Computer Science. Always intrigued by spiritual phenomena, Joseph’s spiritual life began rather early in life.

At the age of eight he discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium presently teaching meditation, numerology and healing. Since the development of his healing gift, Joseph has proceeded in active work in this area where he offers private consultation in areas of healing.

He acquired extensive experience in the international market while traveling throughout 35 countries for business and pleasure. During this time he took the opportunity to study and learn about different religions and cultures, and this interest eventually led him to start his own company in consulting and developing international markets for Canadian companies

He began to develop his knowledge of numerology into a healing process to better understand personal vibration, the experiences all of us pass through in our journey in life, and to effectively work within the stronger vibrations to enhance the weaker vibrations still under development. In February of this year Joseph opened The Free Spirit Centre Website a virtual centre which is focused on healing, personal & soul growth and human issues. the site is already a growing popularity having spread to over 70 countries worldwide. Joseph Ghabi has begun writing a series of articles on Numerology started in August issue of ‘Voices for A New World’. ‘A Cutting Edge Spiritual Development Magazine’ .You can check their website at

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