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What Do You Want To Accomplish In The Next 12 Months?

What Are Your Health Goals? Physical Goals? Family Goals? Business Goals? Career Goals? Financial Goals? Security Goals? Emotional Goals? Mental Goals? Educational Goals? Gaining More Wisdom Goals? Social Goals? Spiritual Goals? Recreational Goals? Self Image And Self Esteem Goals? Personality Building Goals? Peace Of Mind Goals? Character Building Goals? Problem Solving Goals? Goals To Become A Better Person? Goals To Be More Cautious And Wise In All Your Dealings? Time Ownership And Management Goals? To Make It A Better, Happier, Friendlier, And Safer World. To Create Greater Harmony And Teamwork In The World

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Many men and women fail in life, not for lack of ability, or brains, or even courage, but simply because they never organized their energies around a central goal.

The Only Difference Between Those Who Have Failed And Those Who Have Succeeded Lies In The Difference Of Their Habits.

There is power in determination when it is followed by action. A determination to do something about your life must be implemented with planning, and planning must lead to action. Dynamic planning springs from goals and purposes that sparks the imagination. We are not here just to occupy a few cubic feet of space or recline in a contour chair or sleep on a posture?right mattress.

We are here to express a purpose of grandeur and stature. We are here to fulfill what our fathers willed for us. Let's plan our life with this magnificent heritage in mind. Let's let our imaginations soar with the possibilities open to us, and use our imagination creatively to envision the goals we want to achieve.


“I Will Form The Habit Of Goal Setting And Become A Slave To That Habit”

If You Keep Doing What You Are Doing Now, Will You Be Where You Want To Be In 5 Years Or Less?

Where Are You Going With Your Life?

Where Should You Be By The End Of Your 5th Year?

Where Should You Be By The End Of Your 4th Year?

Where Should You Be By The End Your 3rd Year?

Where Should You Be By The End Of Your 2nd Year?

Where Should You Be By The End Of Your 1st Year?

Where Should You Be In 6 Months?

If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going In Life, Any Road Will Take You There.


(Pushing Upon One’s Limitations Is What Makes Life Become Larger)

Are you all that you can be in your life, or is there still room for growth, improvement and greater achievements? How do you know your true range in life unless you keep reaching, stretching, learning, growing and pushing beyond your limitations? Pushing beyond your limitations -- trying to achieve more difficult and more meaningful goals - is what makes your life become larger.

Every person is really - two people; the person we are today and that more dynamic, more developed, more organized and focused and more successful and happier person we could still become – tomorrow.

The greatest tragedy in life is that millions of people come into this world and leave this world and never ever realize or develop their full powers and potential.

They bargained in life for a penny and life would pay no more, not realizing that any wage they would have asked of life – life would have gladly paid. Some of those people never even tried, they just settled for mediocrity. Others, got a dream, an idea, a desire or goal and decided to go for it, but then dropped out when the going got tough.

There are many starters in life, but very few finish. Too many people give up on their dreams too soon in life.

No matter what the level of our ability, we have more potential than we can ever develop in a lifetime. Deep within every man and woman dwells those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish them, which they never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize their life if aroused and put into action.

Potential Means: Undeveloped -- And – Unrealized Powers, Possibilities, And Capabilities -- That Can – But Have Not Yet Come Into Being.

In other words, the best is yet to come!

You have powers and talent you have not developed or used yet. You also have dreams and fantasies you have not realized yet. Maybe you will some day -- maybe you never will -- maybe you have given up on them -- it is up to you! If you still want to achieve them, then you have to keep on keeping on. Your unlimited possibilities are still alive, just waiting for you to give them power.

There are no limits to our possibilities. At any moment, we have more possibilities that we can ever act upon. There is far more opportunity than there is ability. You can do things you never thought you could do.

There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind. Our thoughts and our imaginations are the only real limits to our possibilities. We know what we are, but we know not what we may be.

First, we have to understand the potential that we have. Second, we have to learn how to develop and harness these powers; third, we must then continuously use these powers at all times. Just like a muscle – we either use it or we lose it.

Self-improvement – means: improving of one’s condition, mind and abilities – through one’s own efforts. To become better than you already are.

It is even possible for you to do something in the next couple of years that could make you rich and famous. There is nothing you cannot do, or learn how to do. You didn’t know how to walk or talk when you came into this world, but you eventually learned how. With time, practice and proper instructions, you could learn anything.

There is nothing more pitiful or ludicrous than a person who thinks that he or she already knows enough.

Maximizing your potential to the fullest - to be all that you can be - will guarantee you greater happiness, freedom, security and peace of mind in your life. It will also keep you young and filled with vitality.

We are happy when we are using our potential – striving against difficulties and overcoming them – reaching for achievement and finding it – this is happiness. True happiness involves the full use of one’s powers and talents.

Planning Your Work – And Working Your Plan!

Creating Plans That Are “Faultless” To Achieve Your Goals.

A “Plan” Is A Method For Accomplishing Something.
A Blue Print -- A Design -- A Game Plan -- A Strategy.

Develop Yours!

Planning Is Like A Road Map. It Shows Us The Right Direction And Keeps Us “On Course.”

Your “Project” Is To Bridge The Gap That Exists Between Where You Are Now -- And The Goal You Intend On Reaching.

Developing The Plan Is Actually Laying Out The “Sequence Of Events” That Have To Occur For You To Achieve Your Goals.

Create A “Project Binder.” In Your Binder, Plan Your Work – And Then - Work Your Plan!

List All Of Your Lifetime, Long-Range, Short-Range, Tangible, And Intangible Goals On Separate Sheets Of Paper.

Put Them In Your Project Binder.

Continuously Re-Arrange Them In The Order Of Importance Or Urgency. (Calling For Immediate Attention)

Carry Your Project Binder With You -- Review Your Goals Daily.

Reflect Back At The End Of The Day On What Happened.

Reflect Back On What Didn’t Happen That Should Have Happened.

Re-Evaluate - Revise - Re-Think - Renew - Rebuild.

Repeat What Works -- Remove What Doesn’t Work.

Repair What Needs To Be Repaired.

Resolve What Needs To Be Resolved.

Reduce Waste (Time - Money - Energy).

Recharge Your Energy.

Regain Your Enthusiasm.

Revitalize Your Mind With Motivation Books, Seminars, And Tapes.

Create A “Treasure Map.” Put Pictures Of The Things You Want In Your Project Binder. Look At Them Often. This Will Inspire You To Achieve Your Goals.

The Project Binder Becomes Your “Log Book.” As The Captain Of Your Ship -- You Must Log Everything That Happens:

A. Chart Your Course.

B. Stay On Course “Steady As You Go.”

C. Don’t Deviate From The Course, Or You Might Go Aground!

D. If You Get Off Course, Get Back On Course As Fast As You Can.

ACTIONS I WILL TAKE STARTING TODAY: Delay - Is the Worst Form of Denial.

I will write down, right now, what it is that I want more than anything else in life.

I will write out a clear, concise statement of my definite major purpose. (You can use as many words as you want to describe your Definite Major Purpose. After you do, keep rewriting it with less and less words each time until it is crystal clear.)

I will sign my statement and make it a binding document. Signed By________________________________________________________

I will read my statement of my DMP aloud to myself every morning and night until I have memorized it.

I will call it to mind as many times as I can.

I will practice seeing, feeling, and believing myself already in possession of my DMP.

I will emotionalize and visualize the benefits I will receive by pursuing and achieving my DMP.

I will develop well-defined step-by-step - foolproof goals that will get me there.

I will build and maintain a burning desire to persist with bulldog determination that will eventually mow down all opposition that comes my way.

Your definite major purpose is like a blueprint you are drawing of your entire future life.

Your definite major purpose should consist of that which can be attained only by a series of day-to-day and month-to-month steps. It should harmonize with your present occupation, business or profession, so as to capitalize on your experience and background, and so that each day’s work will enable you to come one day nearer the attainment of it.

Once you have achieved your goals, a new expanded and widened purpose should be adopted.

A test of whether the purpose you now have in mind is worthy of being a major purpose is this: Ask yourself these questions: Are you willing to spend most of your lifetime making it come true? Will it be worth the price you may pay for it?

Your definite major purpose should include: The job or career of your choice, the income you want - to live the life style of your choice, your retirement money, time to enjoy your life, family, hobbies and interest, the information and knowledge you want to acquire and know, the person you want to be, personal growth, family goals, spiritual enlightenment, and social responsibility.


Can It Be Achieved?______________Can It Be Achieved By You?______________

What Will Be Some Of The Sacrifices You Will Have To Make In Order To Achieve This Goal?

Will It Be Worth The Effort And Sacrifice?

Are You Going To Finish What You Start? ________ (Many Start But Few Finish.)

Are You Ready -- Or Is This A Bad Time?

Are There Too Many Problems In Your Life At This Time That Might Get You Off Course?

When The Student Is Ready The Master Appears. (What Does That Mean To You?)

When You Are Ready -- You Will Attract That Which You Need – That’s “The Law Of Harmonious Attraction.”

How Will You Reward Yourself When You Achieve This Goal?

How Will You Stay Motivated And Keep Your Desire Intensified?

Why Are You Going To Achieve This Goal? Make A Why List – Your Why’s Are More Important Than Your How - The How Will Come

Getting The Most Out Of Your Most Priceless Possession Your Time!

Accomplishing More In Life - While Doing Less -

Effectiveness Verses Efficiency
Working Smart Instead Of Hard

Time Is Our Most Priceless Gift - Each Second Is A Precious And Valuable Diamond.

We Can’t Buy More. We Can’t Borrow More. We Can’t Steal It. We Can’t Save It Or Store It.

We Guard Our Money, But Not Our Time. We Don’t Know How Much Time We Have Left.

Use It Wisely Or Lose It!

Learning How To “Fix It” So You Won’t Fail

The John Goddard Story

When John Goddard was a very young boy, his father taught him how to set and achieve goals.

When John was so small that he could hardly hold a bowling ball in his hands, his father would line up all of the pins in the gutters. Then he had John throw the ball. The ball went into the gutter every time, knocking down all of the pins. Then his father jumped with joy and hooped and hollered about how great his son was to knock down all of the pins. He told his son and everyone around them that his son was a great champion.

After a few weeks of successfully knocking down all of the pins, John started learning how to throw the ball better, so his father placed the pins right in the line of where John was throwing the balls. He made sure that wherever John’s ball went, the pins would be packed together so that they would all go down when the ball touched them.

When his father taught him basketball, he put the hoop so low that John could place it in every time without failing. Again, he told John how great he was getting and bragged to everyone in front of John so that he could always hear it. Everything his father taught him, he made it so easy that it was almost impossible to miss or fail.

In Og Mandino’s great book, The Greatest Salesman In The World, when he was talking about goal achieving, he said to always aim high. He said, “Isn’t it better to aim for the sun and maybe ending up hitting an eagle rather than aiming for an eagle and ending up hitting a rock?” I agree. That’s good advice.

On the other hand, for those of you that have a hard time achieving goals, I would like to suggest that you stand right on top of the rock and aim for the rock. That way you can’t miss. You will always hit the rock. That’s what John Goddard’s father did for John. He gave him targets that were impossible to miss. He created a habit of winning for his son until John had that winning habit attitude. Because of his early success at goal achieving, John eventually set 135 major goals for himself to achieve, including, traveling to fifty countries, flying a plane, milking a rattlesnake, and many difficult to achieve goals. The last I heard was that John has already completed 125 of them and he is still working on the others.


1 - Buy a binder, 20 dividers, and a ream of three-hole paper – Title this your “GOALS BINDER”

2 - Title your first divider: My Dream List - In this section of your binder you write down a list of everything you ever wanted to accomplish, to have, to do, to achieve, to be, places you want to go to, things you want to own, things you want to learn, etc. Keep adding to your list everyday for a week. Don’t think of reasons why it can’t be done or any negative thoughts at all. There is an unlimited source of power available to you to achieve whatever it is you want in life as long as you don’t infringe on others in any way.

3 - The next binder titles will be listed as follows: - Financial, Career, Health, Recreation, Personality, Family, Self-Image, Spiritual, Social, Mental, Character And Physical.

4 - Put several sheets of paper in each section. Then, take each item listed on your dream list – one-at-a-time, and copy it in the proper section. Ex: Go to Europe (Under Recreation), Go to church (Spiritual), Save $100 per month (Financial), Have family gatherings often (Family) Build my discipline (Character), Take a 30 minute walk after dinner three nights per week (Physical) Drink 8 glasses of water a day (Health) Read more self improvement books (Mental), Learn more about my job (Career), Do some volunteer work (Social), Become a better listener (Personality) Dress better and dress up more often (Self-Image)

5 - Next, go through each section and redo each list in the order of ease of accomplishment (Put the easiest goals to accomplish first and the hardest goals to achieve last on your individual lists)

6 - Now, from each category section, pick the easiest goal you can find and list them all on one sheet of paper to look at everyday.

Don’t Forget To Make The Goals So Easy It Is Impossible To Fail - Or Make Excuses Because You Failed.

At the end of each week, you want to be able to say I achieved twelve goals.

Very gradually, you can make the goals a little harder, like the man who lifted a baby cow everyday until it was full grown. He worked his way up to it.

7 - The next binder divider title should be My Treasure Map – In this section, put all of the pictures you can find that remind you of your goals – One picture is worth a thousand words. (Also, you can get a poster board to hang on a wall and paste your pictures on it so that you can see them easily and be reminded, and fantasize on what it would be like to have them now.

Examples: If you want a motor home some day – get a picture of one to paste in this section – or a picture of a cruise ship you would like to go on someday – or a picture of yourself when you were younger and had a healthier looking body – if you want to live in a beautiful house overlooking the ocean, get a picture of a beautiful house overlooking the ocean – get a picture of a piano if you want one – a mate – romance, a picture of a couple walking on the beach holding hands – a beautiful wardrobe – a picture of the college you would like your kids to go to someday – A home office that you would like to have or home library.

Start Looking Through Magazines And Sales Brochures For Pictures To Cut Out
And Paste In Your Treasure Map Section Of Your Goals Binder

Treasure Mapping - One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.
For those of you who are not familiar with treasure mapping, let me explain:

Many high achievers throughout the world have a treasure map they look at often to keep reminding them of their goals and dreams in life. Usually they hang up a large poster board on the wall and paste pictures of their goals on it: Pictures of the new car they want, pictures of the beautiful house they want overlooking the ocean, pictures of their young children standing in front of the college they want them to go to when they grow up, the motor home they would like to own, the cruise ships they want to be on, the piano they want to own, pictures of a couple having a candlelight dinner, or walking on the beach holding hands in the moonlight. Pictures of someone that has the kind of healthy body they would like to have. Pictures of a pile of money they would like to have someday.

They select pictures they find in magazines and sales brochures and see on the internet that represent the things they want to have and the things they would like to do.

As they look at the pictures on their treasure map, they imagine what it would be like to actually live that life. They emotionalize it and they keep intensifying their desire to find the ways to make it all happen.

Start Creating Your Treasure Map

8 – Title your next binder divider, “WINS.” In this section keep a list of all of the goals you have accomplished so far. Every now and then, look over your list to remind yourself how good you are doing. This will inspire you to keep setting more goals.

9 – The next binder divider is titled, “REWARDS.” Make a list of rewards you are going to treat yourself and your family to after accomplishing each of your major goals.


When I lose twenty pounds I am going to reward myself with a new sports outfit.

When I get my next commission check I’m going to spend the weekend in Carmel.

When I finish the first chapter of my book I’m going to celebrate by going to a book store and buy the best book I can find on self-publishing

10 – Title the next binder divider, “AFFIRMATIONS.” Fill this section with affirmations to repeat daily.


I Am Very Successful At Achieving My Goals In Life.

I Always Set Realistic Goals That I Believe I Can Achieve.

I Review My Goals Binder Every Day And Keep Upgrading My Records.

I Am Always Enthusiastic About Adding More Goals That I Achieved To My WINS Section.

I Enjoy Giving Myself A Reward After Achieving Difficult Goals. It Motivates Me To Do More.


By:_______________I will achieve the following goals:


By:______________ I will achieve the following goals:


By:______________ I will achieve the following goals:

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