The rainy season is almost over and I am happy that it is. Every-so-often, however, a rain-storm will come to remind us that it´s not quite finished. During the morning it is very warm now, but it is very cool at night—more cool than I have experienced here. Many people who have lived here much longer that me say that the weather here is changing: it is a bit more unpredictable. It seems that global warming is changing things everywhere in the world. Thousands of species are dying everyday. The niches they provided to help support the rest of the ecosystem are no longer provided so the environment is out of balance.

More diseases are prevalent; there are blights and famines; there is topsoil erosion as we remove the trees that used to hold the soil down and over-farm the land; and many of the animals and insects we depend on to help provide food or fertilize flowers are gone or on the way out. I would say that the industrial revolution that propelled us to our genius in some people´s minds, has turned against us. What seemed genius is now understood to have been foolish in some quarters. When I speak of foolishness I am not speaking of the many inventions that increase the lifespans of many and provide food, shelter, clothing and medicine, I am speaking the extravagances.

We build cars so we can get to places faster, and then we build industrial parks ans workplaces so far away that it takes the same time, or more time sometimes, to get to the places then it would have taken to walk to the places that were in our own community before the car. This is ingenuity mixed with foolishness. From a distance one can see that this behavior is very self destructive—always pushing farther and farther so that we will have struggle to create ways to overcome barriers that we create ourselves. This suggests that the psyche of the human family is one of self-sabotage.

The human family (this of course doesn´t mean every culture in the world) seems to be looking for fights and wars outside of itself because it doesn´t know how to live in peace. The psyche of the dominant culture seems to be trapped in an ego identity that was frozen during a time of tragedy and war, and it can´t seem to get out of it. We live by the rules set up around that identity because it´s easier. Living in a world of violence and creative shortage becomes more easy than living in a world of uncertainty. The truth is, however, that the world is uncertain, even when we sabotage ourselves in order to remain comfortable and keep it predictable. This sabotaging also thwarts real human progress.

Creating bombs and missiles are not real human progress. Creating medical equipment, machines and computers are not real human progress. They have their place. One needs to defend oneself and one can often lengthen one´s life through better medical care, or preserve one´s life in a way that is at least more bearable, but we still have to die. No one is ready for that. Humanity fears death because it doesn´t know what to expect. Getting rid of the fear and the apprehension, breaking apart the religion of dualism and the religion of scientism is the only real progress that is necessary. If we can do that all of the other things will fall into place without large swaths of human beings having to suffer.

Since the beginning of written history some people have been boastful their ability to slaughter others so their group could steal other people´s goods or make them into slaves. Much of this fighting was for resources, but in later times is was done more for esteem. The groups had to identify as a group by differentiating from the outsiders. In order to have esteem and to hold the group together they had to boast that they were better than all the other groups. What better way than by beating them down, using them as slaves, or taking and keeping all the resources for one´s own group? This, however, doesn´t work anymore. It is frozen in the world psyche, but those who are wise, intelligent, and spiritual instead of religious realize that it is foolishness.

Many of those who have come awake and even those who haven´t, those who are intelligent, know that it usually takes a weak person of low moral character to resort to violence; especially when they have more than they could ever possibly use. Today trickery, manipulation, and the forked tongue are seen as tools of a deprived person who is using their reptilian brain instead of their cerebral cortex. This recognition combined with the failure of the scientific community, or the resistance of the scientific community because of inertia, to provide us with a true view of reality—a quantum view which seems more like mysticism, is forcing the world to change. Most of our major religions are on par with the scientists who are more scientistic than scientific; they have dropped mysticism and have been teachings us outdated rules and belief systems that support war and violence and fight against getting rid of poverty, providing health care and education for all, and uplifting the human family into the awareness of the divine Love that many call God. These institutions have failed us miserably by continuously turning us against each other.

The old system of (violence, dualism, aggression and subjugation) Kali Yuga is falling apart under its own weight. People rail and fight. They try to start war or maintain wars to keep power. Every day they try to keep us in fear—they try to keep our reptilian brains engaged instead of our higher functioning thought processes, but it isn´t working anymore. We are on the way to realizing that we are all one and that we are all free when we are awake. When we awaken we will realize that God, or heaven is not out there, it is in our hearts. We also realize that we are moving in, living in, and having our being in what is know as God. In other words, we are all parts of God waiting to awaken. This in not New Age talk even though most of them readily would agree, it comes straight from some of the most conservative biblical Christian leaders: The Apostle Paul and Jesus. Why don´t the most vocal, politically powerful churches preach about this instead of just fighting against abortions? Perhaps they are fighting to hang on to their own power too.

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Dr. John W. Gilmore is a Writer, a Certified Massage Therapist and Body-Worker, a Reiki Master Teacher, and Martial Arts Instructor. He received his D. Min. At University of Creation Spirituality in Work and Spirituality. His dissertation was on how to recognize the tools of oppression and how to use meditation, and alternative medicine and exercise techniques to dismantle and counteract them. He is presently a faculty member and student of Atmanology at Sat Yoga Transformational Institute teaching a new form of Tai Chi called Free Flow, and leading of the Pranic Healing Circle, as well as the founder and spiritual leader of the Cyber Circle of Creation Spirituality, an interfaith religious service based on mysticism, creation spirituality, and union with the divine, that you can reach through a link at You will also find a free Journal of Practical Spirituality and more writings like these there, or at this ezine.