“I’ve hit the wall once again!”

How to get past those dark dreary days when you've hit the wall.

I’m not talking about the crises, the big disappointments, which come along every once in awhile. Just those times when you wonder what you are doing? And why? Is it worthwhile getting out of bed today? What is the point of being alive?

We all hit these times. I believe they are exciting, even though in the midst of them exciting is the least likely word we would use.

These doldrums invite us to a period of introspection. In my experience they are often a prelude to some changes coming and I consider this time my preparation time. I often do not know what the changes are.

So how do we just get through these times? With dignity?

“Emotional mastery is the ability to recognize what you are feeling, to allow it without judgment, and to express it appropriately.” Layne and Paul Cutright

I invite you to sit comfortably with these darker days. These days shall pass just like everything else does. While you as sitting comfortably, consider spending some time asking yourself: What you are being called to? What needs to change in your life and/or your work? Is there another step you are about to embark on? Do you need to change some habits to adjust to this new level in your life and/or work?

Sitting in contemplation, asking questions and then waiting for answers to come. You can try and force the answers but I generally find this simply leads to frustration. The sitting, asking and waiting are required to germinate the new growth waiting to come forth.

Author's Bio: 

Benita's business experience includes starting three small businesses to 12 years in the corporate sales arena. When combined with her passion for living life to its fullest, they are your keys to being more successful in your personal and professional life.

She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a B.A. in psychology. She completed the Coach Training Program (CTP) as a graduate of CoachU, the world's premier training program for coaches. Benita is a founding member of Coachville and a member of the Research and Development team. In 2004, she became a Retirement Success Profile (RSP)-Trained Retirement Coach.

Benita serves as President of the Winnipeg Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers for 2007. She has achieved her Distinguished Toastmaster designation from Toastmasters International.

Benita has completed her term as President of Women Business Owners of Manitoba, Winnipeg chapter in June, 2007 and is now serving as Past President for two years. Benita serves as Vice President of the newly formed BizCoach Manitoba organization.