I tuned in to listen to my radio show on the new station and was very disappointed not to hear it. They were airing an infomercial for a personal cleansing product instead. When I told my husband the show wasn’t on, he reminded me that the time had changed and the show would be on in an hour. I continued drinking my tea and listening to the radio. The host of the show was talking about the importance of an internal cleanse. The premise is that, after years of eating foods with toxins such as pesticides, hormones, additives and even parasites, our bodies become sluggish, rundown and sick. Without proper elimination, these toxins build up and cause all kinds of illnesses. This made sense to me, and I realized how this is true for external toxins as well. Negative people, places and things in your life can build up and have a devastating effect.

Negative energy can pull you down faster than anything else. If you have negative people in your life, you need to get rid of them or, at the very least, insulate yourself from them. You can’t afford to have people who are going to drain you mentally, physically or spiritually. Years ago I had to break off a friendship with a woman I dearly loved. Over time the relationship had become difficult and my friend had become increasingly negative. It seemed that the more success I had, the more abusive she became toward me. It broke my heart to discontinue the relationship, but the minute that I did so, I felt a great sense of relief. I hadn’t realized until I ended the relationship how much energy that relationship had taken or how much it had cost me in terms of peace of mind.

The same goes for negative environments and other negative factors in your life. If your environment does not support you, you will not be able to do your best. One of my last jobs in the corporate sector was in a hostile work environment. It was all I could do to go to work each day. That job was draining the life out of me, and even when I wasn’t there, I was dreading it. The same goes with objects; if it doesn’t support you, get rid of it. I once had a car that I had to jumpstart daily. I finally got rid of the car and the stress it was causing me. Your environment and everything in it need to support you in being your best.

Eliminate the toxins in your life. If you have negative people, environments or even things in your life that do not support you in being your best, get rid of them. At least, do your best to protect yourself from the negative energy they spew your way. You deserve to be supported, loved and nurtured by everyone and everything in your life. If you’re not receiving this support, you will be drained of your vital life energy. Life simply is too short to allow anyone or anything to steal it from you.

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