Have you ever wondered if you could write a book or report and sell it online, with dozens of people downloading it a day? We call downloadable books and reports "ebooks", (for folks that are new at this sort of thing), and they can sell very well on your website.

Don't worry, you don't have to write a novel. Some million selling ebooks are only 30 pages--if the information is relevant, people will enjoy your ebook. Also, if you don't like to write you can create an audio or video for other people to download instead. That's quite the rage right now, as more people can listen to audio and video online lately.

A few years ago I wondered if I could successfully sell my downloadable book "Improve Your Credit Score In 24 Hours", and I found out I could: this ebook of little over 30 pages has made over $800,000 in sales over the past 6 years, selling 70,000 copies so far. Other ebooks from my company have sold very well also, and many clients of mine have successful books, making a living full-time from their ebook sales. Here is what is positive about selling ebooks and other downloadable products like audio and video online:

.eBooks and other downloadable products "ship themselves", allowing you to free up your time because your website does all the work. Imagine going on vacation while your website works for you! eBooks can make you "famous" - the movie "Legally Blonde" started out as an ebook.

.eBooks can raise your profile - many authors today don't realize that a book deal can come to them, if they have a website and successful ebook: one ebook consulting clients I had that wrote about bipolar disorder got four book deals because of her ebooks

.eBooks and all products for sale online are part of a growing trends: trends for people to shop more online every year, and to increasingly use broadband technology for faster Internet surfing and downloads.

Here's something I'm excited about--I can give you three tips on how to create a best-selling ebook online right away for 2009:

1) Put an irresistible proposition right in your book title - Most best-selling books have an irresistible proposition in the title, i.e. "4 Hour Work Week" or "Win Friends And Influence People."

2) Create a great "landing page" or sales page on the Web to show why people should download your book in 60 seconds or so. Don't tell people too much, or too little. 60 Seconds is usually just right to sell a book on the Web.

3) Advertise! All the online millionaires have usually made their money by advertising. Search engine advertising like Google's Adwords program is how my company made most of its ebook sales. There is still money to be made, and all the big corporations polled are increasing their budgets for online advertising--it's the "thing to do" for business these next few years. If you are not sure how to set up your ads, people like me can help you do it in a couple of hours or less, it is really that simple.

Looking for a way to earn more and work less in 2009? Try eBooks and Information Products. You can sell ebooks or other downloadable products like audio and video, and work smart, not hard!

Author's Bio: 

Noelani Rodriguez is a Radcliffe grad, a former E-Commerce Consultant that now likes to help people to e-market their products online. She especially loves e-books, and is considered one of the most experienced e-book experts, selling ebooks since 1996. Get more inspiration at GetRich.TheBestEver.Net.