Empowering yourself to succeed at your goals in life require that you have the power of authenticity. What is interesting about learning to empower yourself is that authenticity has a couple of different meanings. Some people see being authentic as being 100 percent honest with themselves all the time. A Kind of the “To thine own self be true” concept.

Others believe that authenticity is a being fully present with someone and being honest in that moment. The key to authenticity is that you listen inward to you and follow your truth in that moment. Having a boundary and respecting you and accepting you in that moment.

Authenticity requires gentle self-care and self-validation from you. If you are at a dinner party and everyone is having a glass of wine and you do not feel like having a glass of wine while others want you to drink with them. Authenticity can gently say, “I am not feeling as if I want to drink right now.” You will find that when you begin being authentic with yourself, you will begin to not only understand it more but apply it more. If you give away your authenticity by having that drink that you don’t want to have, you have given your power up and allowed someone else or something else to determine your life for you.

When you apply authenticity to your business, relationships and life you will become the most powerful you that you can become because you are applying an honoring of yourself. When you honor yourself authentically you will begin to develop deep love for yourself. This begins to empower you to do bigger and greater things in your life.

Your vision becomes much more vast because you don’t need to see the path to getting to your goal. You need to intuit the path to your goal. Authenticity is the GPS systems to your own self-guided intuition. Authenticity is the school house where you learn to develop faith in your feelings and intuition. Remember to invite your authentic self out and meet the most powerful you that you can be.

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Vickie Jimenez is the Author of "Champagne Thoughts and Caviar Power the Science of Results Oriented Thinking." She is personal and business development expert with a joint venture background with 20 years in the industry. She has spoken nationally and internationally. Vickie's Mission is to educate and inspire people to achieve maximum results by empowering them with a strong state of self command. To learn more visit successsystemsnow.com or privatejvclub.info.