With summer rapidly approaching it’s the perfect time to purchase and consume fresh local fruits and vegetables. (What better way to supply the body with much needed enzymes).

The latest North American food guidelines recommend adults consume between 5 to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables daily. Although that may seem like a lot, it is an easy goal to reach and something we need to strive for.

Studies are showing that a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables helps to lower the risk of certain cancers, heart disease and other chronic conditions. Many of these fresh foods have high amounts of vitamins and minerals and some of these foods have also been shown to have strong antioxidant qualities. In addition to all the nutrients fresh fruit and vegetables provide, they are also a very good source of fiber.

Not only do fresh fruit and vegetables taste great they are also low in fat and calories and contain no cholesterol. For anyone watching their weight these foods can be effective for long-term weight management.

Fresh food markets are now open, making it the ideal time to purchase fresh fruits and veggies and have fun as well. Many of these markets offer pick your own programs (also known as U-pick) and many provide activities for children and adults alike, making them a great way to get some exercise and introduce children to the joy of healthy eating.

To find a market near you, visit http://www.pickyourown.org/canada.htm where you can find a pick-your-own farm near you. This website is loaded with information on finding a farm, what is in season or coming into season, picking tips and tons of other information. It also provides a listing for farms in the USA which can be found at http://www.pickyourown.org/statelist.htm#statelist .
One thing I should point out is that most of these farms also have fresh foods already picked and ready to take home, as well as pickles, preserves and fresh baked goodies! You can also check with your own provincial/state Ministry/Department of Agriculture to find out where a farm is located in your area or search on the web.

Besides all the nutritional benefits fresh fruits and vegetables have to offer, they can add a great deal of variety to everyday meals. Because they come in such a wide array of rainbow colours, flavours, and textures, fresh fruit and vegetables can be used in practically every meal. And if you’re looking to maximize your consumption of these fresh foods try adding fruit to salads or using fruit and veggies as toppings and garnishes.

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is a delicious, nutritious way of getting the vitamins, minerals (and enzymes) our bodies need every day. Go ahead..Get fresh!

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