Georgia State University is an Urban Research University located in the middle of downtown Atlanta, USA. It was founded in 1913 as Georgia School of Technology’s ‘School of Commerce.’ Its mission is academic excellence. It has an extended campus which is known as Alpharetta Center in Alpharetta. Georgia State University defines itself that it is excellent in teaching, as well as in research and service. It finally received its independence in 1955 and became “Georgia State College of Business Administration”. In 1961 it was again renamed as “Georgia State College”. Finally it received its prestige as “Georgia State University” in 1969. Georgia State University has six colleges and schools. Its main distinguishable feature is that it allows night students to earn a reputed, world class degree from several colleges under its name. Recently it has scheduled to open a huge state of art with 2.000 bed complex.

Georgia State University has five media organizations run by students. Few Years back, The Department of Communication, the Digital Arts and Entertainment Laboratory (DAEL) received $2 million as fund from ‘Georgia Research Alliance’, ‘Georgia State’, and ‘Georgia State’s College of Arts and Science.’ This University offers abroad programs. It has partnership with University from Soviet Republic of Georgia to first establish and then to run the Caucasus School of Business.

One of its unique features that make it different from other Universities is that it offers Multiple Doctoral Degrees in Applied Linguistics, Nursing, Creative Writing, Education, Economics, Public Policy, Accounting and Managerial Science. It offers only a few Undergraduate Degrees in some selected fields. There are about 100 student’s organizations like drama, theatre, TV Station etc where students get an ample chance to show off their talent.

It has three Universities Libraries. It has got a separate Law Library for the law students. The libraries are adequate with a number of well known books with some of the greatest books ever published are available in its volume collection. It also has an online library with electronic catalogue, and an online database to offer quick info to the students anytime they want them.

Georgia State University takes care that students get a good opportunity to study even if they are from an economically backward class. So it has a financial aid like grants, scholarships, work and study programs, loans etc. for these students. This University has Alumni of over 1,25,000 which shows how broad is its history in the field of education.

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Georgia State University is an Urban Research University located in the middle of downtown Atlanta. Also you might want to have a look at a well known University Directory which contains information about many US state universities.