When I first came across geopathic stress almost twenty years ago, after moving house I moved house I experienced sudden unexplainable health problems, which would not go away. I also felt uneasy and depressed in the property, for no obvious reason. There were unexplainable damp spots in the property which simply could not be cured, no matter what we tried. Those tell tale signs in properties are also called sick building syndrome.

I was lucky, because a nutritionist friend had studied the effects of geopathic stress on nutrition and nutrition absorption in detail, following her own experience with geopathic stress problems and explained to me the symptoms of geopathic stress. We tested my property; and sure enough the tests revealed the presence of severe geopathic stress in my bedroom. To make matters worse I was sleeping bang on a geopathic stress line. An energy vitaliser was duly installed and my health returned to normal within a matter of a couple of weeks.

This incident began a long and fascinating journey of research into geopathic stress energies which is still going on today. Over the years, I have met many other researchers and the story is clear.

Geopathic stress places a heavy burden on the immune system and long exposure will cause many problems, but this is not that well known yet, even amongst many doctors. For example, the connection between relationship problems and geopathic stress is still little known to the general public. Cancer and geopathic stress are co-related, as many studies have proven and yet most of you do not realise when you have recurring problems that geopathic stress probably is an important contributory factor. My research over the last two decades has been a real eye opener to me.

I discovered that in every case, where there were persistent relationship problems or career problems high levels of geopathic stress were present. But, I should not be surprised, since statistics prove my point: In over 80 percent of relationship issues geopathic stress is present in at least one of the partners.

EMF, electro magnetic field emissions, EMR. Electro magnetic radiation, or electro pollution, as it is also often referred to, compound the problem. The massive increase of mobile telecommunication masts, usage of cell phones and other wireless technology are systematically polluting our environment.

These days I am unsure, which of the two is the bigger problem. Geopathic stress or EMR. Suffice it to say that both are potentially damaging to your health. The massive increase of brain tumours in young children tells its own story.

My studies have shown a direct link between geopathic stress and EMF, EMR.

Geopathic stress and electro magnetic radiation cause behavioural problems, worsens ADD, ADHD symptoms, contributes to depression, just to mention a few of the many hazards. Yet most people are totally oblivious, even if they have evidence that these energies are causing problems and tend to contribute their problems to other causes.

The good news is that both geopathic stress and EMF can be effectively neutralised. Having lived and worked in larger towns and cities where the problems tend to compound I know from my own experience what a difference it makes to one's energy and performance levels and general well being when these energies are neutralised. You will feel the difference almost instantly. You have more energy and your mood improves too.

Recently I tested a small office room which had a 100% geopathic stress level. We placed a small portable energy vitaliser in the room and within a few minutes one could feel the air quality of the room increase. The room tested free from geopathic stress within 5 minutes. In order to check the tests, we placed the energy vitaliser outside about three meters away from the door to the office and I tested again. Within a mere two minutes the geopathic stress had gone back to 90%. The speed of the reversal surprised even me.

Do yourself a favour and learn about these dangerous energies. It could save your relationships, your career and your health.

Author's Bio: 

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a human development coach and energy therapist. She has created the Happy Venn Diagram for environment, body and mind and teaches integral life principles in her books, audios, workshops and retreats. Visit throughhappiness.com.