Is your hair falling out? Did your father's hair fall out when he was your age? Or your mother's? You may feel that there's nothing you can do. It's genetic, you've been told, and so you're predestined to lose your hair as well once you hit a certain age.

Don't give up so quickly! There can be a lot of reasons behind thinning hair. But no matter how much you read about ways in which you could prevent or reverse hair loss, you may still wonder, "What about heredity?" Yes, indeed, what about those genes?

Well... Clearly, genes can be a strong contributing factor when it comes to hair growth and hair loss. If your genes are determined to make you go bald, you may have a fight on your hands. If you're very unlucky, there really may be a limit to how much you can accomplish with even an extensive arsenal of hair preservation measures. But don't throw in the towel just yet.

I'm sure you know how people tend to attribute their excess girth to "bad genes," right? And right they are. Genes do indeed contribute to overall body shape and size.

Yet there are people who manage to lose a great deal of weight in spite of being saddled with the thrifty gene.

Why should hair be so different?

Sure, your genes don't help, but usually there are other things that contribute to the hair loss as well. If genetic disposition, excess stress, hypothyroidism, lack of circulation of the scalp, messed-up hormone levels, harsh shampoos, and bad nutrition all come together, what do you think will happen?

Your hair will fall out faster than you can say "bye-bye"!

But if you are in good health and eat well, get plenty of exercise and beauty sleep, take your vitamins, keep stress under control, do some of the things that can induce hair re-growth, and avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals, you may get a different outcome.

Chances are that your genes may not get their mission accomplished, or, maybe at least not all the way.

So don't give your genes too much power. They may have some influence, maybe even a lot, but they're not the entire game.

Take your cue from the above list and get that check-up, make sure that you're eating and sleeping well, exercising regularly, and doing all the other good health stuff, and you'll be way ahead of the game.

Oh yes, and make sure your life isn't too stressful.

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