Have you ever had one of those times when nothing seemed to click in your mind? No matter how hard you tried ideas wouldn’t flow. Your synapses just weren’t connecting. Your brain was on strike!

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me as I sat down to write this month’s feature article. I’d come up with an idea and think “yes, that’s it” and after one short paragraph I was totally stuck. My mind was like a bowl of fried mush.

Creative juices were at a standstill. I tried all my usual tricks of the trade like reading other people’s articles, browsing through inspirational books, checking out web sites on creativity, taking walks and journaling. I even took long naps to give my mind a rest. Nothing ignited that writer’s spark.

I feel a little like Winnie-the-Pooh looking for honey in all the wrong places. Ideas are swarming all around me like bees in a tree. I just don’t have a container for them.

I have relinquished trying to control what seems to be currently out of my control. Any of you who write will understand my dilemma. There is a deadline to publish but I have nothing to publish! I considered using a previous article. However, not one of them jumped out at me as being the right article. I even had a fleeting thought of not publishing this month and quickly dismissed it as a bad idea! It goes against my philosophy on the importance of showing up!

I am guessing that you have probably had similar experiences of being stuck. Maybe you couldn’t face making cold calls, attending another networking event, writing one more performance review or designing another training program.

My musings have me asking what lessons can we learn when we get stuck with fried mush. This is what helps me. I hope it works for you.

(1) The situation is temporary. A lull in creativity or productivity doesn’t last forever. It’s creating space for a turn around. Remember, this too shall pass!

(2) Respect yourself. Self-criticism does not build self-esteem. Be kind and accept where you are. Think of it as character building rather than defeat.

(3) Trust the process. Sometimes we have hurdles to jump. If you are given a lemon, try making lemonade. Add a little sweetener to make it palatable. Use the experience to broaden your horizons and take a different path.

(4) Take time to reflect. What is really going on? What do you see? Are you on the verge of a break through or a shift in direction? Only time will tell as the process unfolds. This might turn out to be a gift.

So being stuck has some advantages if put in the right perspective. You have the power to change how you think about the situation. Let your mind wander about and seek out new meanings. That bowl of fried mush may transform into food for your soul!

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Carol Gegner is the President of Executive Coaching and
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