What usually separates the successful from the unsuccessful has less to do with knowledge, skills or luck than a mindset difference. A mindset that is geared for success is one that has a burning desire to succeed and is forward looking even in the face of fear and difficulties. On the other hand, a mind that is self limiting and filled with negativity is set up for less than satisfactory results or even failure.

A good role model that inspires us to go beyond self limitations is Roger Bannister when he broke the four-minute mile. Previous to his record, few people believed that it is possible to run a mile in less than four minutes. But once Bannister did it, many people quickly followed suit. All it took was a mindset change for people to believe that they could do it. Higher and higher national records are achieved every time, once an old record is broken.

If you are unable to achieve success, despite having put in tremendous amount of effort, it may be that you have some negative beliefs. These negative beliefs are sabotaging your beliefs about success. It may be that success frightens you. You may associate success to be doing well in your work but also with having less time for your family or other more favorite pursuits. When there is an internal struggle and conflict between work and family, you may find that your success gets impeded.

Another form of negative belief is associated with low confidence. Subconsciously, you believe that you cannot make it. And that others can do always do it better than you. When you meet with challenges and difficulties, you feel like giving up. Your mind gives you plenty of reasons why you should not fight anymore but instead, take the safe way out. You believe that you do not have the capabilities to become a success. There is plenty of self doubt.

Once you recognise that you do have a negative mindset, it is important that you deal with it. Get real about your negative emotions instead of denying them. I find that the vast majority of us prefer to skip this part of the healing process, but choose to will ourselves to be positive. Unfortunately, the hardest way, which is to face the negative beliefs, is often necessary so that you can be the best that you can be.

Certain therapies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, may help expediate your healing. Subliminal messaging and daily ffirmations can also help build inroads into your subconscious mind for positive changes.

Additionally, it also makes sense to break your big goals into smaller ones, so that you gain confidence that you are progressing. This helps you to overcome some of your negative beliefs that you cannot achieve success.

When you have a success mindset, you view things differently: obstacles can be turned into opportunities for you to leverage on, while difficulties are life lessons that you need to go through. You are forward looking and strongly believe that you have all it takes to be a success.

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