Everyone has their own sexual preferences, whether it's plain old missionary position, lights off, oral sex, anal sex (gasp!), or any one of dozens of exotic sexual activities.

Of course, nobody thinks of what they like as a weird fetish. No, what they like is always "OK" and "mainstream". Then we hear about someone doing something just a little more weird, just a little different from what we're comfortable with, and suddenly it's a "kinky fetish".

Here's a question from a man in Georgia, who's absolutely shocked to have discovered that some people seem to actually enjoy oral sex. Is it blasphemy, or has he just been missing out?

Dear Dan and Jennifer,

Do people really perform oral sex? Seems disgusting to me. Is it rare, or do couples regularly do it? I never thought of such a thing until I got on the Internet. It was never discussed in my circle of friends.

-- Harold, GA

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Do Regular People Actually Engage in Oral Sex? 

Absolutely. There are people out there who enjoy every type of fetish and exotic sexual activity imaginable. From enjoying oral sex, to relishing anal sex, to threesomes and swinging, and other fetishes you've never even imagined.

And of course there are people who want absolutely no part of any of these activities. They are content with missionary position on the third Thursday of every month, give or take a week. :-)

There are even some people out there who consider sex without the specific objective of making a baby to be a sin!

The Most Important Rule for Sexual Fantasies and Fetishes

Most importantly, figure out what you like to do, and find someone who likes to do these things with you. And then have fun, lots of it...

This is a private agreement between the two of you. Don't focus on what other people do or say, unless you're looking for other things to try with your partner. Also, don't try to force something on your partner that they are not comfortable with. This is about making each other happy, not forcing your ideas on your partner. Especially with oral sex, if you do it right, I think your partner will come around. Yes, the pun was intended!

How to Become an Expert at Giving Oral

Remember. Just because women aren't very vocal about requesting oral sex, doesn't mean they don't like it and WANT IT.

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