I’m at the point where I don’t want to watch the news anymore. All I ever hear about is how gas prices keep going up and up and how it’s going to cripple our economy. It’s depressing and seems like a losing battle. We can decrease the demand but there is only so much one person can do. Add to that how the housing market is a bust, the unemployment rate is up, and consumer confidence is at an all-time low and I’m overwhelmed with all the negativity.

The rapid rise in gas prices is having a devastating effect on the average American family. More Americans are staying home a lot more. We are cutting down on trips to do errands. Or we are cutting spending elsewhere to pay for our gas such as getting rid of unnecessary cable channels, not eating out, or buying generic brands at the grocery store to save an extra $20.

Bottom line is we still have to get to our jobs and we still have to go and get whatever we need for our family. Our kids still have to get to school and other activities and we still need to go to the doctor. Americans cannot live without a vehicle. Our infrastructure is simply not set up for mass transit and most people have no other option than to own a vehicle.

Some coping mechanisms include getting a smaller vehicle, getting a hybrid vehicle, buying a motorcycle, or using the old ways of bicycles to get around. Who knows? If it gets much worse, we may see the return of the horse for means of transportation.

The US economy is in such a volatile state right now all because of one commodity—oil. It seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? How did we get to this point? Was it because our government put off the inevitable? Preparing alternative fuel sources?

I think every American has the right to be angry and has the right to demand change and right now. No summer session for Congress. We have to deal with this now! Probably some of the responsibility lies with each and every consumer. We didn’t push our politicians to do anything about it. But that’s past. We need to act now in order to get this situation under control so our families do not continue to suffer.

If every person did just a little, then this could change and change quickly. If we supported alternative fuel, cut down on driving (and thus the demand for oil so supply will go up), and began to change our living and consumption habits, then the future can still be bright for our children. We need to stop ignoring the problem, hoping it will go away or hoping someone else will deal with it. The time is now. Are you with me?

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By: Jennifer Dionne. Her website is www.loveofparenting.com, a comprehensive view of pregnancy and parenting. She is a stay-at-home mom who is passionate about helping other moms through the challenges of motherhood. She is the author of “How to Have a Baby Your Way”, which is available through her website.