Understanding holistic health means understanding your roots and your connection to Earth and Heaven. The Earth, we’ve been taught, is one of nine or more planets in a solar system. It has a history, a geology, a topography and many electro-magnetic forces that create and allow life. It has layers of composition consisting mainly of water and minerals and its core is a mystery to all but the most creative science fiction writers. We know it is somehow connected to God, or whomever we believe created it, and it changes every day. It has within its power the ability to cleanse its rivers and streams, move its magnetic plates, and nourish those who live within and on it.

The Earth also has the power to self-destruct and to struggle for survival. It reacts to change, poisons, and man-made obstacles. It dies without water and gasps when it cannot breathe.

It has rainbows and stars and warming sun that smiles at us in the morning. It sings, helps birds to soar, cushions our fall, provides our food and heals our wounds. Look in the mirror. Aren’t we all a part of this wonder? Don’t we also have a history, a genealogy that gives us our birthmark and clues to our beginning? Aren’t we all topographic, in different shapes, sizes and colors?

The Earth is 75-80% water. So are we. The Earth’s minerals are the same elements that compose the tissues, blood, and bones of our bodies. Each of those elements has either a positive or a negative charge and reacts to the magnetic poles and electro-magnetic forces within and around us. Our physical selves are very much like the Earth we walk on.

We separate ourselves from the Earth with our minds, of which we consciously use only 8 to 12 %. The mind allows us to create, and provides the stimulus to a network of wires we call nerves to give us movement and the ability to change shape. We can change our minds as quickly as the magnetic forces within us can change direction. We can alter our minds with drugs and close our minds with prejudice, judgment and bigotry. We can open our minds to new ideas, new places, new experiences, and seal our minds when our egos are challenged or afraid. The mind and the body are a team, and what we think or believe is reflected in our body language, our walk, our stance and our vision. We see and hear what we want to and physically react to loud noises, violent attacks or sad stories. As children, we cried or peed in our pants when we saw or heard something frightening.

Out of trust, we allowed our minds to be controlled by radio and television, advertising, and the misguided wisdom of others. Because we gave up the power to reason for ourselves and have stayed too afraid of the world, or Hell, or the wrath of God, we have also lost the power to unconditionally love ourselves and others. We’re no longer in charge of our health or happiness. How often do we chide the person who has “a mind of his own?” Are we so afraid? Have we been taught so well to fear instead of love that we no longer resemble the precious and unique individuals we were intended to be? There are only two emotions that truly exist in our lives, fear and love. Emotions are energy in motion. All feelings, thoughts and actions can be reduced to one question. Are we coming from fear or love? If we are coming from fear, we have a responsibility to face it, overcome it, or change ourselves so we come only from love.

Does the Earth have a soul or a spirit, as we believe we do? Is there anyone who doesn’t believe there is a part of us that’s untouchable, unknown, unrealized? We have free will, a gift, and the power to choose, but what part of us knows the outcome and the reason? Our spirit is a complicated energy, an appendage of a God that knows all. A whisper, a breeze, a fall day, an eagle’s cry, a baby’s smile – with each we feel something in our souls. We search for soul mates through dating services or parties and long for the forever relationship that we believe completes us. We attach the heart to the soul in songs and greeting cards, knowing somehow that love is connected to soul and that soul is a good thing. For some there are spirit guides, to others angels, and still others unseen teachers who have the key to our soul and our purpose and help us on our paths. Indeed the Earth has a soul. It, too, is a unique creation, entrusted with our well-being, unconditionally providing food, water and life, and somewhere deep inside knowing its purpose.

Author's Bio: 

Rayna M. Gangi is a Holistic Health Consultant, nationally certified and multi-state licensed Massage Therapist, and IIR registered Reflexologist. Rayna has practiced Holistic Health/Alternative Medicine for more than 30 years and has been the keynote speaker for such events as the First Lady's Conference on Women's Health in Southern Nevada and the Tribal Council on Earth Medicine in New York. Her class, "The Introduction to Holistic Health," has received the excellence in teaching award in New York and throughout the South.

Considered a medical intuitive and trained in Earth Medicine, Rayna is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of SUNY Buffalo, a Vietnam-era veteran of the Marine Corps, and is listed in Who's Who of American Women, The 2000 Most Notable Women of America and the International Book of Honor.With offices in Alabama, Florida, Nevada and New York, she is committed to educating and assisting people in taking control of their own health and helping them to restore and regenerate their body to its intended condition of wellness.