Throughout history, men and women have searched for ways to improve their mental, physical, and spiritual realities in order to enhance their quality of life. We hear a lot today about the benefits of regular exercise, which may temporarily increase our physical health. However, what does it matter if we are lacking the mental clarity to understand the countless situations that will arise throughout our lives, or the spiritual element that allows us to understand why they have arisen? Many people seek happiness or understanding by focusing on one aspect of their being—mental, physical, or spiritual—because they have been misled into the belief that such a plan of action is the key to untold secrets of life. In truth, however, such people are doing themselves a disservice by throwing their mental-physical-spiritual self out of balance by widening the gaps between each of these elements. In order to transform your reality, which will enable you to achieve success in all areas of your life, you must be willing to work toward achieving harmony and balance among the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of your being. You must continue to purify yourself, if you do not your reality will continue to change for the worst. Only you can change your reality. Only you just as the legendary principle states, no one can eat for you.

Oom Yung Doe has been proven to be the quickest and most effective way to achieve harmony of the mind, body, and spirit, while building confidence and security throughout your daily life. Oom Yung Doe teaches the proper mental and physical techniques to detoxify the mind and body and purify the spirit. The Traditional Moo Doe principle of removing the negative from your mind, body, and spirit leaves room only for the positive. By strengthening your mind, body & spirit and building a strong foundation of confidence and security all aspects of your life will become harmonized. The way you view yourself, as well as the way you communicate with others and your surrounding environment will continuously improve. Through this you will achieve success of life and change your reality for the better. Conversely, learning and practicing improper techniques can be like taking the wrong medication, for example, and can actually be harmful to your condition. Many people claim to practice Traditional Moo Doe; however, only true Traditional Moo Doe practitioners are able to demonstrate their incredible skill and ability. Currently, many martial arts schools exist, but very few are able to teach proper Traditional Moo Doe.
Over time, many things have come and gone, however, ancient Oom Yung Doe techniques have remained one of the most treasured practices that balance the mind, body and spirit regardless of your age or body type. Throughout the centuries Oom Yung Doe has been known to be the fastest and safest way to change your reality and condition for the better, because it remains the best and most effective way to directly improve your mind, body and spirit.

Oom Yung Doe Schools have been in the United States for 35 years and continue to improve the lives of millions throughout the nation. Oom Yung Doe is noted for receiving a 98% satisfaction rate throughout the years. You can see and feel the difference of proper training techniques for yourself, and within a few months you will begin to see the progress you are making toward the achievement of ultimate harmony in your life. Life is only once; no one has a spare life.

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Oom Yung Doe teaches Traditional Moo Doe across the country with locations across the in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin. Further information on Oom Yung Doe and Traditional Moe Doe training can be found at or by emailing