My girlfriend Elaine has a business project she’s been working on for nearly a year. This morning when we spoke she voiced her frustration about how her project seems to be going in a different direction than what she anticipated. I smiled and shared an experience with her.

Recently we drove from Seattle to Boulder, about 1500 miles. Our Prius has a GPS unit that makes life so easy. I just enter where I want to go and within seconds, I’m given the choice of three routes including the shortest distance, the shortest time and an alternative route, with more or less use of freeways.

The greatest thing about GPS is that I can just program in where I want to go and not worry about it. I know that if I program Boulder into the unit, I will end up in Boulder. Of course I can’t predict the twists and the turns the road may take, the time, the weather, construction or detours along the way or even traffic. But I know that no matter what, I’m going to end up in Boulder because that’s what’s programmed.

I know that Boulder is basically southeast of Seattle. However, there were points on our drive where I was heading north, and points where I was actually headed west. There were times I was arguing with the GPS unit saying, “No, Boulder is that way” and pointing east. But, no matter where it leads me I have faith that the GPS will bring me to Boulder in the shortest and best way to get there.

Our lives are very much like our GPS units. We choose a goal of what we want, head in that direction, have faith, and keep our own internal GPS set to our heart’s desire. However, sometimes the road is bumpy, sometimes it winds more than we’d like, and sometimes we hit some huge potholes. Sometimes we go in what appears to be the wrong direction, while other times we have detours that we could never have predicted. Some of us get so frustrated with the twists and turns in the road that we convince ourselves we’re going in the wrong direction and depart from the course completely. Others turn off the GPS, forget where they’re going and wander about aimlessly.

Funny thing is, when I get confused or think I’m lost, that’s when it’s most important for me to remember where I’m heading. That’s when I need the GPS more than ever. As long as I keep the GPS set to the goal, I know I will get there regardless of where I think it might be going.

As I relayed the story to Elaine she started laughing. She got it. She had already set her own GPS and was moving towards her goal, just in a different way. She thanked me for the reminder that sometimes we choose the scenic route and other times we choose the shortest time, but both of the paths are still going the same place.

Rest assured, if your GPS, your Global Persistence System is set and your goal is firmly in your mind, you’ll always get there, even if you think you’re temporarily going in the wrong direction.

Just set your GPS to your heart’s desire, have faith that you’re going the right way even when it appear that you’re not, focus on the destination not the potholes, enjoy the scenery along the journey and don’t give up!

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