Ladies, you get to experience greater pleasure in your own body, for yourself, for your awakening and delight! Replenish your own self with luscious pleasure, delight and nurturing. By spinning gratitude around your G-spot, all the parts of your body that have been neglected, abandoned or forgotten get to be filled, appreciated, cherished and honored. This depth of full body pleasure awakens your inner aliveness and brings great inner joy, contentment and satisfaction.

A woman’s sexual energy is round, plump, gooey, oozing, and rippling. Let your sexual energy flow. What turns you on? What is your passion? Literally, what makes you wet, hot and juicy? What makes your heart beat a little bit faster? What makes your toes open up, spread out, and want to curl backwards? What makes you want to get up and move around? What makes the tightness in your neck relax, your shoulders drop, and the energy start to slowly trickle down and tingle your inner thighs? You can feel your labia get slightly bigger, turn a bit pinker and start to get hot. What are your triggers?

Our culture perpetuates the belief that this level of ecstasy, cellular orgasm, is not allowed. Women have been trained to deny our passion. For millennia it has been totally forbidden and taboo for a woman to sink into and delight in her own inner transformation. The inner erotic, the juice of life has been given away, taken by a lover, mate or even a stranger. To swim in and luxuriate in the deep reservoir of dark tantalizing empowering fluid and use it all for one’s transformation is truly radical.

Spinning gratitude around your G-spot creates a deep level of inner satisfaction and pleasure that fills up internal reservoirs. Most women spend their lives giving to others, and little time is left to nurture and care for oneself. The internal reservoirs dry up leaving no reserve for you. Spinning gratitude around your G-spot is a tool to fill the neglected, abandoned parts of yourself with pleasure, nurturing and love.

The tissue of your G-spot has receptor sites that hold memory patterns. For some women this spot may be painful or bring up tears, anger or other strong emotions when touched. As the old memory patterns are cleared from the G-spot, new levels of pleasure can be experienced. The key is to release the built up layers of unconscious patterns. These unconscious patterns can come from your mother, grandmother or they can be a product of the media. Sexual violation and abuse are also major factors that get imprinted in the cellular layers of your body.

By spinning gratitude around your G-spot, the low frequency vibrations start to release. As these get cleared from your body, there is more possibility for greater pleasure, relaxation and joy in your body. Once your G-spot is cleared of the past, amazing delight is waiting for you. G-spot orgasms bring a remarkable depth of pleasure. For a guided meditation to transform your G-Spot - please visit

In the inner erotic, the Shakti gets to build and be recycled to revitalize and create a harmonic resonance in the cellular structure creating a grid and a pathway to the pleasure inside. Love flows in filling all the unloved, half-dead spaces. Thank you, the cells respond as more love permeates the space. In this deep dimensionless cavity there is the capacity to fuel the body with passion, pleasure and delight.

Connecting to this power source is a way of bringing peace, balance and harmony into the world. We are connecting and resonating our true nature, not the one cut off by thoughts or judgments, but a reality that resonates fully as a whole, integrated being. Sinking into the great mystery with every atom and cell of your body, such deep peace is met, a true home and safety in the midst of all the chaos. This is the ancient deep source of wisdom where the physical meets the spiritual and the universal.

Excerpt from the upcoming book, Sacred Erotic Bliss, by Dr. Cynthia Miller.

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