Fuzzy insurance marketing is the lazy approach to marketing. It's exactly what you get when you put together a vanilla communication and throw it out there "hoping" something good will happen. It’s worse than sitting in your office “hoping” a new prospect will walk in or call you. Why? Because your vanilla marketing communication does nothing to get the attention of the right people, and you alienate potentially valuable prospects.

The lazy insurance marketer wants to put something together with a message that’s so general that it interests no one. The lazy marketer uses pre-packaged materials provided by the underwriter with an insert your name here box that tugs at the emotional heart strings of Joe reader/listener. This stuff doesn’t get read and it certainly doesn’t get anyone to sit up and take notice let alone action. The only time this junk works is on the rare occasion when you contact someone who is actually looking to do something about what you’ve communicated.

The lazy insurance marketer doesn’t bother to track and measure the effectiveness of their marketing. Probably because there isn’t much to track when it doesn’t work. And there isn’t much to track, and it doesn’t work because you didn’t even bother to include a reason for the person whose interest you’re trying to attract to respond.

When the lazy insurance marketer does have a call to action it’s usually so weak that few if any actually respond. Your offer has to be something your prospects really want not something they know they need or have to get. People view things that fulfill their needs as commodities and you never want to put yourself in a commodity market position. When you do you can count on a book of business comprised of low value low retention customers.

The lazy insurance marketer tries to do too much in one step. Sending someone a brochure letting them know how great you are, and then calling for an appointment is pure lazy. It’s not only pure lazy it’s purely self-centered. How well do you like and respond to selfish and self-centered people? You’re beginning to understand why what you’re doing now isn’t worth the effort, and you may need a little guidance to turn your marketing efforts into prospect producing systems so you can Achieve the Life You Want & Enjoy Every Minute.

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