Technology has greatly advanced throughout the years and has had a very big influence in our lifestyle. Both within our community and overseas, it has changed the way we communicate as well as how we do our business. For starters, the biggest advancement we have is mobile phones, which is also known locally as cell phones. Historically, the phone had originated during the 1820’s by the world known inventor Alexander Graham Bell. The original idea was to have sound travel to the other end of the line thus forming a way of communication. Who would have imagined that we were going to innovate the invention to video transition? And now, even better, we are now using these phones without wires not just to communicate verbally but to see others as well, and location is no longer a question. It even has added features for those hip stylish ones with cameras or sound music.
Here’s another great examples, communication through computers. The first mechanical computer was invented by Joseph Jacquard in 1801. And thru the years it has vastly improved both in shape and form. As each year passes the so called mechanical computer has developed which is now what we call normal home desktop computer.
The newest development is now known as a portable notebook. These new advancements along with new technology is where internet was introduced. And from local internet connection comes the WiFi Zone, cable free connection. Thru the internet, one can freely express themselves and can do unimaginable things online. The most common use we all know is live chat. This is another way of communication where we are able to express ourselves thru writing otherwise known as text. We can see by these examples how far technology has improved and still keeps on improving. Even mobile phones have evolved to be able to access the internet the way a normal computer would. We can now chat, download and watch TV shows or movies, even play games with a friend from far away just by using your handheld phones.
Times have changed from telephones humble beginnings to what we have now which is the mobile phone but it’s definitely for the best. Making each and everyone’s lives more comfortable and convenient. We can’t really know how updated we are since technology keeps on changing through the years, if you want more information visit to keep you updated.

Author's Bio: 

Gerard Fernandez works for a micro sourcing company in the Philippines. Some of his interest are mobile chatting, surfing and gaming.