Everyone loves a furry pet. Imagine the comfort that a cat or dog can bring. But lying beneath the surface, regardless of how furry and nice, pets can harbor critters that can cause big health problems.

Parasites can be a big problem when it comes to cats and dogs. I don’t mean to be graphic, but these furry, lovable creatures are sleeping on your bed and sitting on your pillow after they have spent the day roaming around in the world. They have been having a lovely time, sniffing other dogs’ bottoms and genitalia as well as fire hydrants and convenient bushes in search of any scent that attracts them. Then they return home to lick your face and hands and sit on the pillow upon which you will lay your head at night.

Parasite infestations are common in many people, especially children.

Teach your children about parasites and how they are transmitted. It may not always be the best thing to have a pet lick a child on the mouth. Teach children to wash their hands after handling pets and before handling food. Because of poor personal hygiene, children can often be affected by parasites. They may appear pale, listless, whiny or agitated, and parasites may be the problem. Children may be scratching themselves and may not be able to sit still. They often have pinworms, which are easily transmitted and easily eradicated.

If you own pets, research information about natural remedies for parasites and administer them to your family twice a year. Or ask your doctor to examine and test your child for parasites. Also be sure that your pet has had up-to-date shots, has been frequently de-wormed and has regular veterinarian attention. Check your pet’s stool for anything that wiggles. Check your child’s stool too!

The following is an interesting story about pets and parasites.

Vivian called me a number of years ago. She was very tired. In speaking with her, the thought came to me that she may be dealing with intestinal parasites. I asked her if she had a cat. No cats, but birds. I figured that the birds would be in a cage and obviously this woman was handling the birds without washing her hands. Wrong. About 30 birds were flying free all over Vivian’s house. They were landing and pooping on her kitchen counters as well as perching on the kitchen dishcloth that was conveniently draped over the faucet. This cloth was used to wipe the counters before she prepared her meals and to wash the dishes after the meal. This was the perfect scenario and an easy way for parasites, which almost every animal carries, to enter into her body and contaminate her system. The remedy was simple - contain the birds and take a short course of an anti-parasitic botanical to eradicate the parasites and their eggs. Shortly after, Vivian’s energy returned.

Many people have very poor standards of cleanliness. I am often horrified to hear that people use the same cloth to wipe the floor, the counters, and the baby’s face! Kitchen cloths and sponges are loaded with germs and bacteria and should be washed or bleached on a daily basis. Every day a clean dishcloth should replace the one from the day before.

I grew up in a medical family. My father used to inspect the dishes every night while we children were washing them. This was long before the days of dishwashers. He would often take a glass of rinse water, hold it up to the light and ask us the pointed question, “Can you drink this?” In our household the rinse water had to be hot and pristine clean. Many summers we went camping as a family. Those camping trips were always fun. I can still smell the disinfectant that my parents would liberally pour into every bucket of dishwater and each hand-washing basin. Thus it was with sterile procedures in a medical family.

This excerpt is from Caroline Sutherland’s book “The Body Knows – how to tune in to your body and improve your health” published by Hay House.

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