Did you know that totaled up - nutrition and exercise are only 50% of your health and fitness equation? Take a glance at the Funnel of Lifestyle Change for Health and Fitness Success. (See Diagram at www.TEAMPIERCE.us)
Notice at the very bottom of the Funnel, exercise represents a mere 10% of the permanent lifestyle change. Exercise brings about weight-loss, weight management, an increase in muscle mass, and an overall sense of well being (endorphins).
Note that 40% of the permanent lifestyle change is nutrition. Nutrition is far more important than exercise because you cannot gain weight unless you eat too much, eat large portions, eat the wrong foods, and eat at the wrong times! Furthermore, what you eat has a huge impact on your mood, how you feel, and what you will ultimately desire to eat in the future (cravings). If you know how to consume a low glycemic diet, you can actually eat more of the right foods while -managing blood sugar, lowering your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and losing weight.
You can follow nearly any (and there are MANY out there) nutrition and exercise program and lose weight, but you’ll always find it again if you haven’t changed your programming and beliefs. Life long results change when you change your programming that is why mental programming accounts for a whopping 50% of the Funnel of Lifestyle Change for Health and Fitness Success! You MUST go through the entire (process) funnel. It’s impossible to enter a funnel from the side therefore you can’t expect to enter the Funnel of Life for Health and Fitness Success from the side (see exercise & nutrition in diagram above) either. Doing such will keep you yo-yoing (losing and gaining) because you’re focusing on 10%, 40%, or a combined total of 50% of what you really need to be focusing on to achieve a permanent lifestyle change.
Have you ever started a nutrition and exercise program, gotten into a steady routine and remained faithful to your program for a significant amount of time and then BAM out of nowhere you are blindsided with an urge to STOP? You may have grown tired (bored) of your program, didn’t FEEL like doing it anymore, and you started to slip back into your old habits (so comfortable yet undeniably destructible) and the ways of your old programming thus you began to gain all of your weight back (likely more). You tried to enter the Funnel of Lifestyle Change for Health and Fitness Success through side. The permanent results are for those that enter at the very top of the funnel. That’s where the programming gets changed and it’s “out with the old and in with the new”! At the top of the funnel when you start to reprogram your mind (for success) you’ll find determination, design, diligence, goal setting techniques, passion, desire, a plan, and you’ll be able to reach your ultimate destiny.
Changing your programming allows you to find the time when before you “had none” it allows you to stay focused on what you need to do in order to reach your goals. You will learn how to avoid distractions and stay focused on what you CAN do to get you closer to your goals. When you learn how to identify old negative habits and get rid of them, while bringing in the new positive ones you will be able to achieve whatever you want to in life. If the desire was given to you, it was meant for you to have it!
So – it’s really NOT just about nutrition and exercise…you have to go through the whole Funnel of Lifestyle Change for Health and Fitness Success because you CAN’T get in through the side! All you need is someone to coach you through the entire process!
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God Bless,
Dino Paul Pierce, CFT, CPT, RD, CDE

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Dino Pierce is a nationally known Professional Speaker, Published Author, Sports Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Insulin Pump Trainer, Program Coordinator for a Successful Outpatient Diabetes Program and a Success Coach. Through successful experiences counseling patients, athletes, and clients he developed a reputation as a passionate/spiritual coach, mentor, and friend. Dino teaches others how they too can achieve all of their unique desires. His enthusiasm and devotion are contagious; Dino has helped numerous clients overcome mountains equipping them for success. Dino has developed a systematic success program outlined in his books, audio programs, live events, and videos.

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