Have you tried to succeed yet continually fail? Perhaps you’re missing one of the fundamentals required for success. If you are, you’re fighting an uphill battle and you may not know why. Are any of these success killers derailing your efforts?

  1. You lack a clearly defined objective for what you want.
  2. You lack the ambition to set your standards for performance higher than the average person.
  3. You lack-self discipline and self-control.
  4. You procrastinate.
  5. You lack persistence.
  6. You have a negative attitude, even though you might think you don’t.
  7. You want something for nothing and don’t focus on providing more value than you’re paid for.
  8. You find it difficult to make a decision.
  9. You’re overly cautious or fearful of taking risks.
  10. You lack the focus and concentration to work toward your clearly defined objective.

How many of these killers are keeping you from success and to what degree? Identify the ones that are impacting you the most and set a goal to overcome the three that are doing the most damage. As you set your goals remember to set them in terms of the positive thing you want rather than the negative thing you don’t want. Focusing on the negative keeps you in that negative mind-set and will make it impossible for you to achieve your new goals, and make the improvements you need to make to get the success you want.

Before you rush off and think you’ve identified everything check with those around you and find out how they’d rate you in each area. Ask them to rate you from zero, this doesn’t sound like you at all, to 10; this is exactly you in each area. Don’t skip this exercise because frequently your biggest obstacles to success are completely blind to you. You don’t realize you even have some of your biggest and worst obstacles. When that’s the case you won’t be able to make progress because you’re your own worst enemy.

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