You have to have a clear plan for success and stay focused on fulfilling your plan. A fundamental of success is having a clear plan to follow to start your journey toward success. It isn’t that you have to develop every detail before you start, or that you can’t make changes along the way. A clear plan begins by fully understanding and identifying the ultimate result you want.

Focus on the most important things each day. Each and every day starts with more things to do than you could ever do. Given this fact of life it’s critical that you focus on the most important things each day. Identify no more than 1-3 things that if you were to accomplish just those things, it would make your day a success. Diligently work to accomplish those things before you end your day each and every day.

As you’re working so diligently to stay focused everyone around you will seem to be focused on keeping you from being focused. Don’t allow yourself or others to get you off track. When you allow yourself to drift away from the things that you know you need to do to make today a success, you’re choosing failure in that moment. Success seems so fleeting and unachievable to many people because they work against staying focused. It’s so much easier to put things aside and drift somewhere else. The problem is that all too often another fundamental of success is that success moments pass, and those missed opportunities never return.

Focus is supported through self-discipline. Develop the self-discipline it takes to stay focused. You don’t have to be focused 24/7, but you do need to be focused long enough to complete the actions you need to take today to make today a success. If you can discipline yourself to take the actions you need to take to make each day a success you’ll incrementally and steadily be moving toward success.

Success is rarely achieved instantaneously. Success is almost always achieved as a result of a series of daily right actions taking you ever closer to the ultimate result you want. You have self-discipline when you know you absolutely have to. Use that self-discipline to maintain the focus you absolutely have to have to get the success you envision one day at a time.

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