But sometimes we can be TOOOOOO serious about ourselves and our work. So this post is about having FUN with hypnosis.

Three Amazing and Fun Things You Can Do With Hypnosis

You don't need any special training to do any of these. You don't need to become a hypnotist, a hypnotherapist, have a license, or anything. The capabilities of the human mind belongs to everyone. So have some fun.

1. The Super Human Strength Test. I was reminded of this by seeing a recent video on VideoJug. See it here http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-have-super-strength. I first did this experiement almost 30 years ago as a young (ah hem...youngER) woman. It's cool and it's amazing. Until I trained as a hypnotist, I often wondered through the years just how DID that work! Was it some trick? Was there a hidden lifting device under the chair? Was I hallucinating it all? No, no and no. This is real and the answer to how it works is hypnosis. Watch the instructions carefully. Closing your eyes, following the leader's instructions, and repeating the chant, "light as a feather, strong as an ox," creates a light hypnotic state and your mind accepts the suggestion, and yes, you DO lift more weight, with ease. The REALLY cool thing about this is that it shows you two things--first, what a very light state of hypnosis is capable of doing for you and second, that you really do possess qualities and characteristics that you are blocking or unaware of in your usual conscious state. Now, imagine all the other fun things you could do with such a simple process.

2. Make people's mouths water. Ever had anyone do the lemon test on you? Try this with your friends. Set it up first. Tell them about the power that their minds have over their bodies. Have them, eyes open and consciously, try to create more saliva in their mouths. They won't be able to, for the most part. However, with just simple words, you can cause their mouths to water! Have them close their eyes, and imagine....going to the refrigerator, and opening it. Inside, the light shines on a beautiful, yellow lemon. See the shiny rind of the lemon, and now have them imagine reaching out and picking it up. Feel the weight, feel the cool skin, the texture. Imagine holding it up to your nose, and smelling that light lemon scent coming from the rind. Now imagine picking up a paring knife and cutting into the lemon. Hear the sound of the knife tearing through the rind and feel the juice running down your hand. Cut a nice wedge out of that lemon and now bring it up to your mouth and bite into it, feeling the tart, cool fruit and the juice running into your mouth. Now.....who's salivating?

3. Program your dreams. Dreams are powerful. Research shows that athletes who dream about their performance improve more dramatically than those who do not. Did you know you can program your dreams? Within a half an hour of falling asleep, write down what you want to dream about. Keep your sentences positive and incorporate as many of the five senses as you can. For example, "Tonight I will dream about delivering my class presentation successfully. I will dream about speaking, about seeing the smiling faces of the audience. I will hear their applause and I will feel calm, relaxed and motivated." You can also give yourself the suggestion that you will remember your dreams and understand what they are trying to tell you, whether or not you are programming what to dream about. Pleasant dreams!

Author's Bio: 

Cindy Locher, CHT is a practicing hypnotherapist in Apple Valley, MN. Cindy enjoys working with individuals and groups on improving their lives and health. Visit her on the web at mn-hypnosis.com.