When you are looking for a gift for a small child, remember that not only should your gift be fun, it should also be educational. Remember that it is never too early to start a child on the road to success and that there is more to education than just math and reading. Teaching your child fine motor control and patience are also wonderful ways to educate him, and in terms of these qualities, magnetic maze toys are a great place to start.

Magnetic maze toys are ideal for children who have passed their third birthday all the way up until they have reached preschool. Children this age will find the toy intriguing instead of frustrating and can benefit from the lessons that they teach. Essentially, magnetic maze toys use a magnetic pointer to let your child pick up a small metal ball and guide it around the track. Your child will love the fact that the pointer can pick up something through a pane of plastic and you'll have a great time explaining to your child why this is possible. This small introduction to science can start encouraging your child to think critically and to question why the world works the way it does.

Magnetic maze toys and manipulative mazes also help your child with his hand-eye coordination. You'll find that his ability to use fine motor control will increase after he has started figuring out that the pointer or the frame needs to be moved a certain way in order to put the balls where they need to be. These toys are also ideal in terms of visual tracking. To work with magnetic maze toys and manipulative maze toys, your child will need to decipher the best way through the maze. He will also recognize that broad sweeping motions will not bring the ball to the target; instead, he must move it delicately and carefully. When your child plays with a manipulative maze toy, he will become more patient and more goal-oriented, something that will serve him well as he enters school.

Magnetic maze toys are also perfect for parents; these toys have a complete, no-loose-parts design and you'll find that with no parts to loose, your life will be a lot simpler and your child's play area will be a lot tidier. Moreover, this is a toy that can be played with alone or in company, something that other toys don't offer. You'll find that your manipulative maze toys get played with a great deal under a number of different circumstances, whether you're around or not! Similarly, magnetic maze toys, with their quiet design and comfortable size are an ideal travel toy. You won't have any small parts that can get lost in the car and you can just belt your child in and let him play.

When you are thinking about purchasing gifts for a child of your acquaintance, make sure that you take a look at magnetic maze toys and manipulative maze toys. You and your child will both appreciate the education and calm it brings to your lives.

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Marina Neiman, author and mother of two, writes for 1888Toys.com – Educational Toys Store, featuring classic learning toys and selection of manipulative toys for children.