The full moon is a time to reflect on bad habits that may be holding you back, as it begins the period of the waning cycle of the moon. In all occult systems and cultures, the waning cycle of the moon is a time of reflection and introspection. It is more feminine psychologically - whereas the waxing cycle of the moon is more masculine and more active. The waning cycle of the moon is a time of making peace with letting go of things. Letting go of our attachments, letting go of our resentments and letting go of bad habits can all be pondered during each waning cycle of the moon.

This full moon of January 10, 2009 will happen in the sign of sidereal Gemini. The sidereal zodiac is the zodiac accurate with stars in the sky, not the seasons on Earth. The sidereal zodiac is used in Vedic astrology and by some Western astrologers as well.

With the full moon in Gemini you can focus on letting go of overstimulation and face the unpleasant truth of mistaking information for knowledge. Especially in this modern world, with the Internet and so much information, there is a real disconnect between gathering information about the subject and actually knowing that subject deeply -- having wisdom about it. For example, let's say you have read a great book on self-help. That book has many things for you to do in order to have the ideas change your life. You read the book, and agree with what it said, yet you don't do any of the things it says so your life doesn't change. Then, you move to the next thing - etc. etc., wondering why "nothing ever works for me".

Well, the reason nothing ever works is because you're not doing anything about it. Actually, pretty much every technique works that involves introspection and reflection. But you have to do them, not just think about them, talk about them or read about them. You must apply the skills and ideas.

So, back to the full moon in Gemini. This is the time to stop gathering more information and rather make a commitment to implementing what you have learned - rather than just thinking about it or talking about it. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the fast and playful one. This energy of Mercury serves to keep us flexible and open minded to new ideas. It is his energy that got us reading the self-help book to begin with. But Mercury is not the energy of hard work, sacrifice and commitment. We often stay stuck in just playing with things rather than doing anything about them in the sign of Gemini.

There will be several astrological placements that can help you implement things this month. With Mars in Sagittarius and in an angle - you can use more discipline toward changing routines. Mars is courage, enthusiasm and discipline. We need these qualities of Mars in order to implement changes in our life.

With Mercury and Jupiter in the eighth house from the moon, and in Capricorn, you can deepen your commitment to the things you have already studied and the philosophies that are uplifting to you, rather than gathering more. Capricorn is a sign of commitment and taking things seriously.

Good luck, and get to work!

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