The full moon energy is all about releasing that which you no longer want in your life. During this tremendous time of upheaval for many - especially in the areas of finance and relationships, this is an opportune time to let go of FEAR.

We now know scientifically how the Universe works in relation to our thoughts. That which we place our attention on will continue to manifest. So. . . the more we worry, the more we get what we don’t want!

The only way to reclaim the joy that is our birthright is to fully trust that every aspect of life is in divine order, and that our focus needs to be on gratitude for our abundance rather than fear of loss. Every time you tell someone how bad things are in your life, you send out the negative vibes that keep that loss in place. And it’s not just about saying one and thinking another. . . your thoughts create a subtle energy in your own field and your body does not lie. The stress that accumulates when body, mind and spirit are in discord will show itself in unpleasant, often life threatening ways. . . certainly the precursor for “dis-ease.”

Letting go of fear - whatever that fear may be - will serve you best NOW.
Forget control. Much of what is happening in our world now is beyond any one person’s control. However, each of us sends out ripples of our own energy that contributes to the totality of energy on this planet.
Be the change you want to see in the world. Let go of fear and bring in peace of mind.

Try writing a list of all your worries, then go outside and ignite the paper. Asking the Powers That Be to assist you in releasing that which prevents you from fully enjoying all your many blessings. Watch as the ashes fly up and disappear, and send your fears up to the heavens.
Going into gratitude at that moment will help you regain the positive focus and bring in the energies of manifestation that you desire.

Let us all send Light to each other and the positive reinforcement of releasing the fears which hold us back from feeling joy in our lives.


Author's Bio: 

Linda Carter Backes is a Reiki Master and owner of A Radiant Life Center for Body, Mind & Spirit in Charlotte, North Carolina. Certified in Energy Perception and Development, Linda is continually sending out ideas to assist us with the current energies affecting our fields. She is currently producing a guided meditation CD on The Transformation and Transmutation of the Violet Flame - a powerful visualization to help with forgiveness and releasing negative thought patterns.
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