Parenting an intense, challenging child is an energy draining experience that can significantly influence family relationships. Parents often find themselves in a disempowered position because of the many challenges thrust upon them. When the challenges seemingly become impossible to overcome, parents turn to outdated conventional coping techniques for dealing with their difficult child.

Here are some questions for parents to ask themselves:

•Do you blame yourself after being reprimanded by the school system or your friends because of your perceived "parental inefficiency"?

•How does blame affect the way you raise your challenging child?

•How can you reframe the blame game by learning alternative methods for raising a difficult child?

One of the main empowering coaching tools that I use in working with parents is the Nurtured Heart Approach. Howard Glasser, the psychologist and creator of this approach, found that typical parenting methods did not work because they rewarded negativity and consequently initiated failure.

When children push their parents' emotional buttons, they inadvertently do so to seek recognition and appreciation. One of the important issues I face as an ADHD parent coach is the crippling low self-esteem that ADHD children experience. They maintain a belief that they are failures because of the incessant reinforcement of adults and peers.

With the Nurtured Heart Approach, you and your child will achieve wonderful new levels of success and most important, your child will tap into their inner strengths.

Here are just a few of the many benefits awaiting you as a Nurtured Heart Parent:

•Improved child self-control

•Higher flow of positive emotional energy from parents to child in terms of appreciation and acknowledgment

•Positive shift in your child's behaviour and focus

•Children learn to channel their intensity in successful ways

•Parents learn new, empowering coping skills

•Healthier family relationships

•Increased academic achievement

•Inexpensive, empowering approach for the treatment of anxiety, conduct disorders, oppositional defiance disorders, and communication problems.

Sign up and take advantage of my one hour complimentary parent coaching session. This is the most incredible way for you and your family to become part of the great energy parenting network!

Author's Bio: 

Mark Norris is a certified Nurtured Heart Approach practitioner and a certified ADHD coach for adults and for parents with children who have ADHD. He offers coaching in English and French, in person or via phone or webcam. Visit Mark's website, for more information.