In this time of great spiritual expansion many of us are remembering and opening up to the multiplicity of our being. We are discovering that just as we have more than one wounded child within, we also have more than one lost or wounded aspect of our soul. Those pursuing a spiritual path are searching for ways to heal these wounds on a more multidimensional level. Through my work with many individuals engaged in this pursuit it has become obvious to me that not only do the inner children represent the wounds from one’s childhood - they also reflect the karmic blockages we each have brought into this lifetime as well. It is the first time the veil has lifted enough for us to begin to see these blockages in a multidimensional sense.

I believe this is occurring because many of us have done enough work on bringing the Light into our spiritual bodies that we can now handle a higher vibration of energy which enables us to see these many levels of consciousness. Our awareness of our true nature is expanding. We now not only have more access to the “story” of our soul - we are also in a position to begin the necessary process of illuminating our physical forms.

Until recently our focus has been on transcending our lower bodies so we would not get caught in the temptation and density of this lower dimension. But now this focus is being re-directed. In order to continue our evolvement, we need to make room for the Light to enter our physical forms - we need to illuminate our physical body not transcend it. However, illumination involves confrontation - for as we have progressed through our incarnations, learning the lessons of our soul, we have accumulated karma. Like knots tied in a rope, this traumatic energy of our karma has locked into our lower bodies, causing mental, emotional and physical blockages. The expansion of inner child work offers a way to untie these traumatic knots. It gives us a way to follow these psychological knots back to the present and past life source so we can heal them in all dimensions of time and consciousness.

This work is done when you are ready to be empowered and to take responsibility for your own healing because it requires the willingness to become an active participant in the healing process. It is not a process that someone else can do for you. It is a process which takes place between the Higher Self, the adult self and the wounded aspects of the personality and Soul. It makes use of the fact that our adult self now has enough illumination to adequately contain the spiritual endeavors of our God-self and can therefore facilitate a healing of this kind. This is critical because in order to bring more and more Light to the physical plane we need a part of us who is dense enough to make direct contact with the lower level, yet illuminated enough to maintain the connection to our Higher Self. We need a go-between.

The adult self acts as this go-between. It is this part of self who is illuminated enough to make contact with the denser parts of self. It can be seen by those aspects of self that have been wounded and carry a lower frequency than our Higher Selves can. The Higher Self is not dense enough to make tangible contact with the wounded selves. But the adult self, because he or she is of this plane and carries a similar frequency of energy and density, is, and can therefore reach the frightened lower parts of self who vibrate at a lower frequency, yet, are in dire need of being rescued and brought into the higher frequency of the Light. Once these fragments of our Soul have been rescued, the adult self can reintroduce them to and reconnect them with the God-Consciousness. The Higher Self needs the adult self to retrieve and the adult needs the Higher Self to receive.
Never before has there been such a need for a cooperative relationship between the two. Once this relationship has been established, the most effective way for implementing this healing plan is to first determine which inner voice carries the blockages of fear, anger shame or grief. Then you can use your Adult Self and what I call your Healing Team (Protectors, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters as well as your own Masterful Selves,) to trace this voice back to the first remembered childhood experience, and then ultimately back, through time, to its origin in your Soul’s history.

For instance, if, in one of your incarnations you were buried at the stake for speaking your truth about Spirit, then in your present lifetime, if you devote yourself to a specific doctrine and find you want to spread the word about this belief system, you may find yourself intimidated by the this prospect. When you begin to work with this issue, you may first go back to a time in this life when you were not allowed the freedom to speak. You may have had a father who did not allow you free expression of your thoughts, or a mother who punished you if you voiced opinions which were different than her own. In working with the child within who carries the pain from your childhood, you can ask your higher assistance to take you back to the original source of this pain. Most often your inner guidance will present you with some clue identifying a particular scene from your childhood that represents the origin of this pattern.

You can also ask that this be taken one step further by setting your intention with your guidance to be taken back to the origin of this issue on a Soul level. When individuals find themselves back in another dimension of time where the pattern first originated, they find that an aspect of their Soul is in limbo, waiting to be rescued, still traumatized from the residue of this original, yet, unresolved pain.

This part of your Soul can be rescued with the same tools that are used to rescue a child within. Both exercises require a bit of time travel… it is just a matter of how far back on the time line you choose to go. Once the aspect of your Soul has been found, or the appropriate child within has been retrieved, the work begins. It is done in layers. The layers involve healing the traumas physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in all dimensions of time and consciousness.

In order to do this we must:

1. identify and alter the false belief held by the mental body,

2. own and discharge the emotions held by the emotional body,

3. locate and release the place within our physical forms which has stored the pain and

4. ask for assistance in altering the blueprint held in the etheric body that has transferred this pattern through time and space, from lifetime to lifetime.

Many find, at some point, they are faced with confronting the more generalized layers of pain, the layers of terror, torture and violation that have been used to extinguish the Light. It is at this point the work begins to involve, in a more pronounced way, lifetimes where we were tortured or terrorized for our earthly pursuits or spiritual beliefs. It is also common to find that you are processing a more generalized and perhaps even a multi-generational grief. If you or a close relative were involved in an event such as the holocaust or the Viet Nam War, you may find yourself processing a grief that extends beyond your immediate experience. You may have inherited the grief from a parent and find you are now the conduit for the release of this pain. If this process is divinely orchestrated you can bless your experience and release this grief with grace.

As you untie these knots your linked chain to the Divine becomes disentangled. Soon, enough knots have been untied and the chain frees itself. Then, with daily practice and attention you can intervene in the immediate, and, using your spiritual tools, can keep the chain free and maintained. The adult self will then ultimately merge into the Higher self and total ascension will occur. As enough of us do this we will also raise the frequency of mother earth and facilitate her ascension. In other words, instead of transcending the physical plane we are now in a place to illuminate it and bring it into a higher frequency thus facilitating its own ascension as well.

Author's Bio: 

Cathryn Taylor has been licensed in the state of California since 1979 as a Marriage and Family Therapist, was certified in Chemical Dependency in 1985 and is now licensed in the state of Minnesota as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor and as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Cathryn is also trained as a Personal Life Coach and uses this format in her work. Her approach incorporates consultation and facilitation - assisting you in building the relationship between your Higher Self, your Adult self and your Children Within. She is also a practitioner of Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Having obtained a BA in Sociology from Texas Christian University at Ft. Worth, Texas in 1970 and a MA in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University at Orinda, California in 1979, Cathryn has worked in the mental health field since 1971. In addition to having a successful private practice, she has also worked as a Family Therapist in Residential Treatment Centers, Inpatient and Outpatient Chemical Dependency Units and an Eating Disorders Clinic. She currently has a private practice in both the Twin Cities area and in San Rafael, California.

Cathryn is the author of five books including,THE INNER CHILD WORKBOOK “What To Do With Your Past When It Just Won’t Go Away” , which was published by Jeremy P.Tarcher, Inc. in 1991. It has been translated into Spanish and Dutch and is in its 32nd printing. She has been conducting workshops, lectures and classes for the past eighteen years and has authored and recorded a series of lectures which cover topics on the different stages of recovery, issues of the children within and holistic healing.