The average home-based worker will lose their free work at home job within 3 weeks. Free work at home jobs are highly competitive and most candidates lack the most essential skill needed to keep their job the ability to network like a madman.

Its important to understand that free work at home jobs do require some investment. Even if you managed to avoid setting down any initial capital for your work at home job you will have to invest time and effort into marketing and promotion if you want to uphold it.

Im not talking about placing a banner on your blog, but real marketing, the kind that takes getting out of your comfort zone and getting in front of people.

It doesnt cost a lot to network for your free work at home job, nor does it take hours, but it does take time. However, think of it as a necessary investment. Do the hard work now, so you can save a lot of time later.

People who have built huge lists, business owners who make a substantial amount of money from their free work at home job, didn't get to where they are by hoping that others would eventually find them.

No matter the industry or at the type of home-based business you operate you need to be able to sell yourself.

Freelancing, for example, is a great free work at home job that you can start if you have the skills. However, most people who start this type of career are out of work within a year. They just don't have the go-getter attitude it takes to keep their business afloat.

You may be thinking there are plenty of free work at home jobs where I don't have to sell myself. But in reality these types of jobs pay about as much you spent to get the job.

Free paid surveys for example are a home-based job that people with little money turn to. While you may earn 10 dollars here and there for taking surveys, those who have made a real income with this free work at home job usually join the affiliate program offered by the company, and that takes some form of promotion.

Hobbies don't pay; businesses do. But if you're fearfully attempting to earn a living with your free work at home job then all your operating is a hobby. You are never going to earn the kind of money you're capable (which can be millions online) unless you get out of your comfort zone and start making an effort to network.

Sign up for forums related to your free work at home job. Respond to posts you read online. Join social networking sites and regularly participate in them. Make it a point to attend at least two events each month and go with business cards.

Networking is fun, it doesn't cost a lot and its the greatest thing you can do for your free work at home job.

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Jeff Casmer is a leading legitimate work at home expert and is a work from home business owner. His "Top Ranked" Free Work at Home Jobs Directory gives you all the information you need to Work at Home in the 21st century.