Are you an insider? An insider is a person who is able to position themselves in a way to make the connections they need to get all the leads they want. Insiders develop their own proprietary leads list of highly qualified potential prospects. Everyone else pays big bucks to get these names and contact information, but insiders don’t have to.

Have you been on the costly end of spending your precious dollars for supposedly hot leads? Leads that have already agreed to an appointment only to find out that those expensive hot leads weren’t so hot after all? Only to find out those same leads had been sold to 50 of your closest competitors, and mislead about the reason they’re meeting with you? Come on, you know there are no free lunches. You walked away with a bruised ego, a wallet that’s pretty empty, and a lesson learned.

It’s a whole lot easier to develop a rock solid leads list yourself than you may think. Plus it’s a whole lot less expensive. Start with yourself to form your list, and I don’t mean make a list of your 50 closest friends. Geez!

Rather, start listing any and all organizations/groups/clubs you already belong to. Then search and find all organizations, groups, clubs, associations, etc. that you know your ideal qualified prospects belong to. The first sale you make is selling you, so start your foundation with the people who already know you like you and trust you.

Now some of those people will be ideal prospects. However, many will not be prospects at all, but will have the ability and desire to connect you with ideal prospects. Those relationships and connections will enable you to develop a leads list that’s more valuable than gold to you because while gold is a one-time acquisition your list will produce over and over growing along the way.

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