This free sales training is focused on how to ask for the buyer’s agreement to a sales appointment. A lot of sales training, on how to make sales appointments, focuses on the opening lines of the cold calling script. They use cold calling tips on grabbing the prospect’s attention and getting past those awkward receptionist and other gatekeepers.

That is really useful sales training, but what about how to ask for the sales appointment? When it comes to gaining the buyer’s agreement to the appointment, many people fumble for the right words, ask poor questions, or even worse they don’t ask for the sales appointment at all. Just at the time when they should be sounding at their most confident they hesitate and don’t know what to say. So here’s some free sales training on how to ask for the prospects agreement to a sales appointment.

Start with an effective approach

First free sales training tip, approach the call with an effective viewpoint. Throughout the whole of the appointment setting call you want to communicate to the prospect the idea that you, and what you are selling could be of benefit to them.

When you introduce yourself and ask them the qualifying questions, make them aware of the possible benefits that you can offer them. When it comes to the agreement gaining question you then make the sales appointment the next logical step in the process. The sales appointment is where they can learn more about how your product or service will be of benefit to them. Only then will they have enough information to make a buying decision.

Make the sales appointment the next logical step

The next free sales training tip is to base your agreement seeking question on the fact that: From what they have said, your product may be of benefit to them, and so they can see more information and discuss more details you should meet with them. Then they will be in a position to make an informed decision on whether to buy your product now, or in the future. Here’s an example of how to ask for the sales appointment on a cold call.

‘From what you have said I can see that you may be able to increase your sales by giving the right sales training, on how to cold call, to your sales teams.

So you can get the full information you need before making any decisions we could meet and I’ll show you the best package for your business, and you can ask any questions you have on the sales training. Then you will have everything you need should you decide to use our services now or in the future. Are you available next Thursday?’

You are not asking for a buying decision on your appointment setting call. In fact you are telling the buyer that they shouldn’t buy yet, they don’t have enough information. This stops them feeling under pressure to buy or to make a decision. It’s part of the customer friendly sales approach that works really well and will encourage repeat business and referrals. Pressure to buy is the main reason you get objections such as, ‘send me information.’ You are also adding to your call that they can use this information now or in the future. This again inoculates against objections about not thinking of buying now.

The question in the example above that asks for the sales appointment, is actually asking if they are available on a certain day. It’s not asking if they will agree to a sales appointment. If they answer no to the question they are not saying no to the sales appointment. They are saying no to being available on that day. So your answer is, ‘When are you available?’

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