Here are some fun and free preschool games to teach your preschooler their letters and numbers.

Free Educational Games

1. Alphabet scrapbook
Make an alphabet scrapbook using cut outs from an old magazine, catalogues or by taking print out of letters from the internet.

Have a page dedicated to each letter - stick letters, things that begin with that letter sound and encourage your preschooler in this craft activity.

You don't have to do it all in a day. Let this be an ongoing exercise which can go on for a few weeks.

Let your kid save their artwork and enjoy the creation.

2. Labelling the household items
This is another of a free preschool games which can be quite fun. Weather its just few letters that your little one keeps forgetting or you are looking to teach all the 26 letters.

Label the household items by writing their names on a sticker and sticking them on these items. Start from any corner of the house, you can even begin by having entry and exit signs throughout the house. Label chairs, table, almost any thing you can think of. Kids will get familiarised with the letters slowly by seeing them all around them.

This can be a great game even to teach some numbers to your little one.

If its a chest of drawers, you can number up the drawers, not necessarily number one onwards. If you are looking to teach say 11-20, begin numbering the drawers with 11 onwards. And just use the number for that particular drawer while talking to your child and he is sure to catch up.

3. Alphabet or Number of the day
Have a letter of the day or week. Begin with a cut-out of the letter hanging at some fixed place in the house. Make it a small exercise to find some objects in the house that begin with that letter. Point out as many objects as possible that begin with that letter.
Do the same and have a number of the day, count objects in any place you are.

Free educational games like these can be played almost anywhere anytime.

Watch your preschooler start picking up his letters and numbers by playing such fun and free preschool games.

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Check out these free preschool games to begin with some letter and number learning fun.

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