Abundance isn't something you find from the outside.Abundance begins within and radiates outward. Find the waysthat increase your abundance inside. Add time to your day,simplify, or make a difference in the world. Gratitudemultiplies. Find something in these ten ways to addabundance to your life and enjoy the positive results itwill attract.

1. Step up and become a world peacemaker. Volunteer tohelp keep peace in the world. Yes, even one hour this yearwill make a difference. Think about it -- if 2,000 peoplevolunteered just one hour, that 2,000 hours that peace iscloser in the world. It is like interest, it compounds.You can and do make a difference. Visit The 1,000 Years ofPeace Project (http://www.pledgepeace.org/) and pledge justone hour in 2004 towards peace!

2. Be a blood donor. Never done it before or not sure thatthey want your blood. It takes just a few minutes by phoneor visiting their web site to find out. Scared of needles,I was, let their experience walk you through the fear.Celebrate your freedom from the fear afterwards. Go withsome friends or co-workers to support you. Visit AABA at:http://www.aabb.org/Locator/Locator.asp to find outmore.

3. Volunteer somewhere this year. Did you know that mostemployers encourage volunteering and will give time off todo so during business hours? Not sure, ask them. Organizean office group of volunteers. Visit Volunteer Match at:http://www.volunteermatch.org/ to find the right place foryou to volunteer.

4. Attend the religious ceremony of at least one differentfaith to observe how others connect with the Divine. Notinto religion, that is okay. Expand your mind by attendingdifferent events or faiths. You do not need to join, justlearn and expand your horizons. We have more similaritiesthan differences. It is when we see those similarities thatwe learn our connections.

5. Take 30 minutes a day and connect with your higher selfand spirit. Whether it is in meditation, sitting quietlyand listening, or in prayer.

6. Eliminate any outside influences that don't feed yoursoul or life purpose. If you are challenged to let it gopermanently, give it up temporarily for 30 days. Whether itis the newspaper, TV news, or books that you are readingthat are "shoulds" instead of "wants." Revisit with whatyou are letting in. In exchange, abundance will have morespace to enter. Fill your day with only positive people,things, and information. The Information Gurus have asaying, "GIGO" Garbage in, garbage out.

7. Look beyond the either/or decisions in life. Open thedoor and let the possibilities and options in. Don't beboxed in, just know there are other options, invite them in.Abundance appears when it is invited.

8. Ever wondered how much "nature" your lifestyle requires?Take the Ecological Footprint Quiz athttp://www.myfootprint.org/. The Quiz estimates how muchproductive land and water you need to support what you useand discard. All this in 15 quick and easy questions. Whatfootprint are you leaving on this planet and how does itcompare to others? Great revelation on what you are leavingbehind.

9. Magnify abundance by simplifying your life. VisitSimple Living at: http://www.simpleliving.net/ and findthousands of topics and great tools on how to simplify allareas of life. You will also find study groups to supportyou on your journey.

10. Have you written your own Personal Mission Statement?Visit this f*r*e*e easy-to-use online Mission StatementBuilder to create one. Gain space to add abundance byreducing stress and increasing your focus on where you wantto go. Post your statement on the bathroom mirror. Itmakes saying no easier the rest of the day.

Copyright 2004, Catherine Franz.

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Catherine Franz is a marketing veteran, a CertifiedBusiness Coach, Certified Teleclass Leader and Trainer,speaker, attraction master and author. For a free marketinganalysis or complimentary coaching session send e-mail:mailto:catherine@AbundanceCenter.com.