Having a website just isn’t optional anymore, but getting your own free site removes all excuses! If you don’t have a site yet, check out these four great places where you can get one right now!

1. Wordpress.com Wordpress is definitely the most respected blogging platform out there, and having your own website free in blog format has many advantages, the main one being that blogging is easy and the learning curve is very low.

2. Hubpages.com Hubpages allows you to create as many single page “hubs” as you want. It’s an active community that’s very popular, so you get traffic from within the community as well as from the internet. Hubpages also allows you to put adsense on your hubs and make money from the ads.

3. Weebly.com (here) Weebly is very similar to hubpages, with a different look and feel, and the pages look more like “real sites” than hubpages.

4. Squidoo.com Squidoo allows you to create “lenses,” similar to hubpages and weebly. There are people making good money on Squidoo, and it also provides an active community like hubpages does.

Of course, the disadvantage of your own free site is the difference between owning and renting. As cool as ALL these sites all are, if you don’t own your own domains website, the fact is you’re building somebody else’s dream.

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