Most pet owners are familiar with the feeling: spending a fantastic weekend with Fido as the lake or at the park, only to leave him at home, alone once again…it’s Monday. He looks at you with his big, sad, doleful brown eyes, seeming to say, “you’re leaving me? We’ve had so much fun the past couple of days.” It’s back to boredom central, lonelyville, and mischief manor. So, what can you do to help your pup banish his lonely blues? Here are a few tips to keep Fido happy, quiet, and out of trouble.

First, you will need to give your pet something active to do. They can’t sleep all day, they can’t bark all day, and they certainly can’t get into trouble all day (or can they?). A fantastic option to consider is buying your dog interactive toys. Some examples are toys that are filled with treats that give them out sporadically. This will give your pup something to pay attention to, and it will also keep him on his toes. Another great interactive product is an automated bouncy ball that moves spontaneously and unpredictably. This will help Fido spend some of his energy, as well as affording him with an automatic playmate (pun not intended). Some are even made with ridges that will help clean your doggies’ teeth simultaneously as they play and chase the ball!

If you have a backyard, consider installing a doggy door. This way, Fido will be able to go in and out as he pleases, and he can chase after squirrels and get some fresh air. He can also relieve himself when the need arises, and so he will be more relaxed and comfortable throughout the day.

If you do not have a backyard, consider engaging the services of a dog walker once or twice a day. Dogs need human contact, and they love going for a walk in the middle of the day. To them, they are hanging out with a pal or engaging in fun social activities, as well as getting a bit of exercise. Don’t worry though; your pup will still be just as excited and happy to see you when you come home, even if they are seeing someone else.

Another option is to call your home while you are away at work and “talk” to Fido over the answering machine. Your dog will perk up when he hears your voice, and though you aren’t there, he will appreciate hearing from you…after all, it gets him off the couch and gives him something to do.

Weekends are fantastic, but when Monday rolls around, you’re not the only one who sighs with sadness. Fido doesn’t like seeing you go, and he gets bored when he is at home alone all day. Consider the options that best work for you and your pet as you endeavor to keep him happy and out of trouble while you are away. Your precious pet will thank you for it!

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