We all can think of times, when we imagine someone has injured us, hurt our feelings or even our physical bodies, by doing or not doing something to us or for us.

What you consider YOU is the personality of you that has very little to do with any specific physical body. Through millennia sages, prophets and scholars have tried to help us see that we identify too much with the tool we call our physical body and we are missing the true self. It is by understanding more of the reality this self exists in that we can understand how this game called Life really works.

When we say something is bad it is just a judgment we have made of that particular experience, another person having the same experience, may say that it is good. Our perception of an experience is very relative to where we are emotionally at that particular moment. Example: You are outside in the winter and it is 20 degrees, you feel chilled and go into the house and it is 70 degrees inside and it feels warm. Now you are on a Florida beach it is 95 degrees and humid outside, you feel hot and go into the house, it is 70 degrees inside, and it feels cool. You have the same temperature and humidity inside, but you have two completely different experiences, which are relative to where you just came from in life.

Often we aren’t conscious of why we feel the way we do, or why we experience life the way we do. We often forget we filter experiences through our beliefs and previous teachings and experiences trying to place a meaning or label on it.

I feel that reality is where we came from before we arrived here for this human experience, and that this physical existence is really just an illusion we created for the experiences.

I believe that before we were born into our present lives, we mapped out an outline of what we wanted to experience in this life. Who our parents are and the situations we were born into. We even chose the people we might interact with. Remember as a child, playing make believe? This time I’ll be the mom and you’re the kid, or I’ll be the cop and you’re the robber. This life you have created is the same; you have chosen the situations and individuals who will bring joy and pain in your life. Rather than being upset with the memory of the playground bully, be thankful they agreed to play that role in your human experience.

Remember this life is your creation; you are in control of how the game is played. We are here just to enjoy the experiences of Our Creation, no more, no less.

Once we realize that we create every experience we have; once we realize that there isn’t a good or bad experience; we can move to a feeling of appreciation of everyone and everything.

Forgiveness, is recognizing there is nothing to Forgive.

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Steve Dahl is an Avatar Master delivering these materials world wide: Avatar is a course that teaches you a simple set of practical Tools that you can use to manage your everyday life as YOU choose. It is designed to give you back the ability to experience whatever YOU want. It is your choice to experience wellness, loving relationships and personal growth. www.whomi.org