When I was younger I had a mind like a steel trap. I could remember everything. I had no problem remembering as many as 10 things on my mental Things To Do Today list. Then, starting in my 30's, like Santa Clause, I started making a list and checking it twice. I had trouble remembering more than 4-5 items on my mental Things To Do Today list. Eventually, I was forced to start writing things down. I was forced to start making a list. Now, I make a list for everything; a To Do list, a Things To Do Today list, shopping list, etc.

Forgetful? Make a list!

How Do You Make A List?
Usually, I make my list on one of those little yellow sticky note pad thingies. If your list takes more than 1 of the little yellow sticky pad pages that means you have too much to do, and then you have to start writing things down on a yellow legal pad. More than 2 lists at any one time means you're TOO busy. Over the past several decades my little lists have kept me organized, kept me on track and kept me out of trouble. Nothing is worse than forgetting an appointment or going to the supermarket for a number of items and coming home only to realize that you forgot to buy something important. For that you get yelled at. I don't like getting yelled at. So I write everything down before I go to the supermarket. I even write down when I need to get gas for the car. Or cash. That saves me from running out of gas ... without any money to pay for enough gas to get me to the gas station.

How Do You Know When It's Time To Start Making Lists?
For some people, it may be in their 20's, for others it may be in their 30's or early 40's. And some people never need to make a list. It's time to start making lists when you start forgetting things you need to do. When you start forgetting to buy an item when you go to the supermarket that's when you need to start making lists. That's when you need to get a couple of little yellow sticky note pads, start making a list and putting the list in your pocket.

The Benefit Of Making A List
Today, life is hectic. Today, life is complicated. And there are a lot of distractions. And that means it's easier than ever before to forget something ... something important. And forgetting something important can get you into trouble. Forgetting something important can cost you time and money. Making a list can keep you out of trouble and can save you time and money. No more forgetting things. No more pressure. No more frustration. No more getting yelled at. That way you just have to remember 1 thing. You just have to remember to look at the list!

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Andrew Lawrence is the author of, "MONEY - The Basics", an easy-to-understand, highly informative book for American of all ages. You can download "MONEY - The "Basics" at moneythebasics.com. Put it on your list.