Modern day life imposes so much stress on us that the fears, anxieties, worries, and problems occupy our minds til we go to sleep. Millions of sleeping pills are prescribed every year and millions more are added each year. It would be safe to assume that our modern and advancing lifestyles enforce stress in our lives.

Bills to pay, project deadlines, end of a relationship, insecurity, and debts are just a few of the factors that could trigger emotional and psychological stress.

Physical stress also rise in modern day living. Pollution, unhealthy eating habits, and too much activity can also put excessive stress in our bodies. Physical stress coupled with psychological stress can make us weaker and more defenseless when viruses or bacteria attack our bodies.

Sleeping is very important for our health. Not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. A lot of things happen when we sleep. This is the time that our body can repair and heal itself. If we don’t get enough sleep, we deprive our bodies of performing the healing process efficiently. The same goes true if we carry with us negative thoughts or emotions in our sleep.

Sleeping with positive thoughts and emotions can bring a positive well being the following day. On the other hand if fears, anxiety, worries or other negative thoughts are the dominant contents of your mind before you go to sleep, you may have an experience of similar nature the next day.

If you need to worry or fear of anything, think of it or find a solution for it several hours before going to sleep. An hour before going to sleep should be spent on relaxation and thinking of happy moments of your life. Thinking of the achievements and successes of the day is also a very healthful way of preparing yourself to sleep.

Here are some tips to get you into a positive thinking pattern. Make sure that you provide yourself with the conditions of sleeping comfortably such as good bedroom ventilation and a comfortable mattress bed such as an air mattress.

1. We all have successes each day. No matter how seemingly insignificant they may be, it’s always healthy to recognize them as such. Meditate on that before going to sleep. Let it lull you to sleep.

2. Watch funny TV shows or movies instead of news. News is usually very depressing and it’s not good for our health especially before we go to sleep. Funny TV shows on the other hand can trigger laughter which is a very healthy emotion.

3. Listen to guided meditations designed for sleeping. For this you need a portable mp3 player.

4. Listen to inspirational audio books. Even if you go to sleep before the book ends, the messages you hear will still be interpreted by your subconscious mind. This is a very good way of instilling positive thoughts in your mind. Audio books by Abraham Hicks and Neale Donald Walsch are very good choices.

We all have our worries, fears and anxiety but we have to put some time for and some time to temporarily forget it especially before going to sleep. Positive thoughts equate to healthful sleep and thereby a healthful life.

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