According to naturopathic experts, food allergies can be due to leaky gut syndrome and vice versa. You may not have heard about leaky gut syndrome as it is not recognized by conventional medicine. However, if food allergies are a big problem for you, you ought to find out more about the root cause of them.

In a healthy digestive system, the cells lining the intestines absorb the materials that the body needs from the food passing through, leaving behind what is not needed. When you have leaky gut syndrome, large molecules of undigested or partially digested food are allowed to pass through the gut and are absorbed into our bloodstream. Unfortunately, if the liver is unable to process this food in a quick manner, then the body will produce antibodies against these food molecules, as they are considered foreign to the body. However, when it does it, it causes inflammation of the lining of the intestines; resulting in food allergy symptoms.

The intestinal walls of babies are typically more permeable than adults, due to their young age. Thus, babies can only drink breast milk or formula for the first few months of their lives. Over time, as we get older, we find ourselves having leaky gut syndrome. An increased permeability in the cell lining is normally caused by factors that include poor digestion, nutritional deficiencies, and toxic foods.

You will find that food allergies can cause leaky gut syndrome and leaky gut syndrome can actually cause more food allergies. This vicious cycle causes plenty of damage to your body. As your body creates more and more antibodies against many different foods, you will soon develop new food allergies. New food allergies worsen the problems that leaky gut brings about.

So what can you do if you have food allergies? You should refrain from eating unhealthy foods as much as possible. By watching what you eat, you can help to reduce the inflammation of your intestinal lining to a minimum. Focus on nourishing your body with anti-inflammatory foods instead. Hence, switch from a diet of highly processed foods, red meats, caffeine, white flour and citrus fruits (excluding lemons) to wholesome foods such as colorful fruits and vegetables, fish and healthy grains.

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