Your life is A Fairy Tale Unfolding. I’m convinced that’s true: that my life and your life is our fairy tale unfolding and that we prosper and grow when we embrace synchronicity and make it work for us. Because of that conviction I’m always looking for the metaphysical interpretation of what is occurring in my physical circumstances. If I stay awake, and not drift off into sleep-walking, I’m able to follow the crumbs to my soul purpose. If not, I flounder around in confusion.

To ponder the idea that the Universe sends us clues, or lays down crumbs (hints or guidance) for us to follow, is comforting to me and keeps me seeking with curiosity and hope. In keeping a journal about following the crumbs, I’ve concluded that following the crumbs is not just intuition, gut feeling, sixth sense (all invaluable gifts). It's more than that. That we are not alone on this life journey has been the opinion of mystics and shamans for ages. Whether we look, listen and explore that guidance is up to us. But if we do follow the crumbs, we begin the process of writing our own myth and living the fairy tale. Think about what your personal fairy tale is, then follow the crumbs to its fulfillment.

Let me share with you one of my many experiences in following the crumbs. I recently fell in love again....with horses! I discovered Epona, the Horse Goddess about two years ago in my research about myth and legend for my mythical jewelry designs. Who would think an ancient goddess would have anything to do with me? Well, I had another think coming. My joy and passion is to inform women about their own myth through the meaning and energy of gemstones and symbol.

The moment I discovered Epona, my life began to change. I was drawn back to the intensity of my love of horses as a child. To my great regret I was never around horses, never learned to ride, never even touched a real horse until I was an adult. Trigger (Roy Roger’s horse) was my hero. I dreamed of him for endless hours. I was fascinated by horses —those eyes, that great beauty and strength astonished me. And inspired me in ways I couldn’t understand or articulate.

When Epona showed up in my research her myth revealed the symbolism of the horse—journey of beauty, freedom, grace and strength. Journey! And since we are all on a journey, it’s no wonder the horse is such an attraction for men and women, particularly women. Days later that amazing video showed up on YouTube showing four Scandinavian women rescuing more than 100 horses from certain death on a sinking island in the middle of a storm! The strength and courage demonstrated by the women and the horses was one of the most inspirational things I’ve ever seen on television. I began to see more and more articles in the media about the depth of a horse’s ability to heal: children with disabilities, women with cancer, depressed adolescents—they all thrived when seated on a horse’s back. It was becoming more and more evident that a horse’s serene strength heals the turmoil of disease and despair. And the dark side of the horse world is this: they need our help. They are being abused and slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands.

So....about the crumbs. I love horses, but have never been around them, and my dream has always been to have a farm with horses. My husband always loved horses too and all animals and he rode horses as a young man. He’s been told and we have experience the healing ability of his hands. It’s not so mysterious when you know that he is the son of a mystical Cossack. And we think that he was initiated into a healing practice when he was still a baby. Everyone has always said he should be a message therapist, but for years he declined. After we found Epona, and saw that dramatic rescue video, someone sent us an article about an outstanding Equine Massage school in Colorado called EquiTouch. We knew he had to attend. And so he did and today is a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. The horses at this facility stole our hearts and we knew we would have to move out of Los Angeles and find a farm so we could have horses, rescue horses, be open to their strength and healing and be a source of support for them as well. So after 35 years in the city, we’re seeking the perfect farm in the perfect place. Don’t know where that is, but we’re following the crumbs, certain we’ll be led to the perfect ranch. Epona will figure that out. We just have to pay attention.

The phrase ‘following the crumbs’ probably reminded you about the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel and the witch. (Note: fairy tales are metaphysical myths in disguise!). The metaphysical interpretation or secret key code from this fairy tale for your personal accomplishment is this: as you follow the hard to find clues you will be guided through your scary challenges to solution and fulfillment. The witch is a wise woman in disguise. She will facilitate your passage. (It might be interesting for you to read the Grimm’s fairy tale again looking for the metaphysical code words.)

Just so you know...the crumbs are not easy to find. Sometimes the birds eat them, sometimes it rains, sometimes the winds howl. You must pay close attention to all kinds of clues and quickly investigate them before some one or some thing causes them to disappear. You might have to walk hundreds of more miles before the next crumb shows up!

Journey Well.

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Spiritual Psychology specializing in myth, legend, and symbol