We hear a lot about systems for success. Whether it’s network marketing, making a fortune on the Internet, or what have you, systems are seemingly what it is all about. This begs the question: ‘What it is about a system that we find appealing?’

I think the best thing that characterizes a system is first that it is broken down into bite-sized chunks. We can’t expect to learn everything we need to know about something in a day or two. Look at our school system. Our kids are taught math, English, and the like over many years, using systems that are known to gradually present the skills necessary.

Another characteristic of a system is that there is a sequence to it. Using youth education again as an example, are we taught calculus before arithmetic or Literature before the ABCs? Of course not and why should any adult educational pursuit be any different? A good system shows you what you need to know, do, and most importantly in what order to achieve success.

Naturally, I am a believer in systems as it was a system that helped me escape a dead end career as a landscaper to do what I am doing today. For me, a system represented a step-by-step approach to doing something I hadn’t done before. I had no road map and didn’t want to learn from the school of hard knocks alone. The systematic approach to commercial real estate appealed to me and I know it has some appeal to you as well.

So, what is the system for commercial real estate? It is much the same as for any real estate venture and it starts with recognizing the value in the commodity. If you don’t see why real estate is valuable, you can’t possibly differentiate a good deal from a bad one.

The system for commercial real estate also involves the steps outlined below:

· Building a team
· Finding properties
· Locating funding sources
· Making offers
· Securing funding
· Negotiating deals
· Streamlining the closing process
· Property improvement
· Property management
· Asset protection and wealth development

None of these things are any less important than the others and they are listed in a basic sequence of how and when you should pursue them. I can’t possibly discuss them all in detail within a single article but I do want you to see that there is a logical progression here. Each step in the system has its own things to learn, ways to validate learning, and also specific action steps to take. That is the thing I’d like to most leave you with here None of what a system can offer you is of any benefit without action. When you can find a system that is proven like commercial real estate investing, do yourself the greatest service of all by following through and taking action. Only then can you fully benefit from what a proven system can offer to you.

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David Lindahl, also known as the "Apartment King" has been successfully investing in single family homes and apartments for the last 14 years and currently owns over 7,000 units around the US. David regularly shares his secrets and experience on the same stage as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump! For two FREE copies of his highly recognized newsletter Real Estate Insights, please go to davesoffer.com/ezine