Follicular Isolation Technique, which is shortly known as FIT is one of the techniques used in hair replacement surgery. For the people that are suffering with hair loss, in addition to this, there are a number of techniques available for hair replacement. This technique used in the surgery is considered to be as most efficient, giving the people suffering from the hair loss to look and feel better after completion of the surgery.

Important part of the hair replacement surgery

Follicular Isolation Technique is a technique most often used for a hair transplant. This technique is considered to be as the most important by doctors when conducting this type of surgeries. The removing of one hair follicle unit at a time from the donor is known as the FIT process. This is then separated into different grafts on the one that is receiving the hair transplant.
Tools required to undergo FIT

The conduction of FIT surgery requires the recipient of the hair transplant to have specific tools, as well as procedures that are done during the process. In order to properly place the hair, in the first part the instrument must cut into the dermis area. In this particular area there will then be a placement of between one to five hairs that are placed. This will be done with removing a specific amount of grafts in one day, and consumes a larger amount of time to continue with the replacement.

Advantages and disadvantages

With this Follicular Isolation technique, there are several advantages and disadvantages. The acquisition of hair from a different regions of the body is the first, giving the doctors more options for places to take the hair. This also allows for the specific areas of the body that will grow earlier to be used more effectively over the longer period of time. The drawback or disadvantage to this surgery is it can take a longer period of time, and will often take several months in order to replace the complete head of hair. Another disadvantage is that there may be a noticeable mark on the skin that is produced from this type of surgery.

Take the advice of your physician

Prior to using this FIT technique, consult your physician about the surgery and whether it will be helpful for you to receive. Along with the advantages and disadvantages that may occur are possible side effects. Before having the ability to receive an FIT, make sure that you are healthy enough to undertake the procedure. The qualification for you in this particular type of surgery is important. Somebody may fit for one type of hair replacement surgery, but others may not fit for this type and fit for another type of hair replacement surgery due to different circumstances.

Take your own decision

Follicular Isolation Technique, FIT is one of the possible surgeries that you can consider if you consider hair replacement surgery. Under a specific amount of time you will be allowed to replace your hair loss with new hair growth. Prior to considering this procedure, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages, as well as whether it will fit what you are trying to achieve with your hair loss. This will help you in building the right decision about hair loss and FIT as a likely option.

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