There's a balance that you want to strike between thinking and acting. Thinking comes first as you need to know what you want and why you want it in order to effectively go out there and get it. This article shares some ways for you to think AND create at the same time. Think of your actions as flowing from your thoughts and emotions. They are not separate entities at all. Following are what I call Active Thought Processes that help you to really "get" how you can create the life of your dreams with your thoughts and emotions. It really can be, as Abraham says, "as easy to create a castle as a button."

To stay focused on deliberate creation through active thought processes, get into the habit of assessing the state of your thoughts on a regular basis throughout your day. Are your thoughts moving your forward or holding you back? Which thoughts are the ones that are moving you forward and which are the ones that are holding you back? What are you thinking? What do you think about what you are thinking? Are you happy with those thoughts? Do you want them to be more positive, happy, grateful, etc.?

Your thoughts are energy and emotion. Positive thoughts move you forward while negative thoughts keep you stuck. Keep focusing on your positive thoughts. Don't worry if you notice your thoughts are negative, simply notice them and then redirect them to any thought that feels better whether on that same subject or a totally different one.

Keep a close mental eye especially on your habitual thoughts. We all have thoughts we think so much they have become a habit. We think them without thinking "about" them. Practice being mindful about what you are thinking. Question why you think what you think. Use self-talk to train your thoughts to be more productive by repeating to yourself over and over what you want to think until it begins to ring true.

And, above all, have fun with this! Using your thought focus to manifest your dreams is a fun happy endeavor so keep that uppermost in your mind. Life is meant to be joyful.


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