Success. Virtually everyone says they want to achieve it.
But most seldom do. What is the secret to attaining true
success? Everyone has their own definition of being
successful but there is one major secret that will decide
whether you succeed or fail tremendously in life if you
choose to follow it.

The major secret is to have laser sharp focus in whatever
you do. Successful individuals aren’t any smarter than
those who fail. They’ve learned that to succeed you must
have a clear cut target and focus all your time and energy
into achieving it.

The difference between the successful and those who fall
short of their dreams is the successful think like the
trained sniper. One shot .. One kill.

Those who are doomed to leading a life of quiet desperation
are using the shotgun approach. They have no clear cut
target and their efforts are scattered far and wide.
They’re just closing their eyes, pulling the trigger and

Your success is guaranteed when you develop laser sharp
focus. You then have the ability to focus on positive
uplifting thoughts and blocking negative destructive

Once you start focusing on what you want and where you
want to go, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Those who fail do so because they’ve never learned to focus
on their dreams. They focus on what they don’t want. They
dissipate their energy focusing on their fears and the
reasons why they can‘t succeed.

Study the lives of great men throughout history and you’ll
find that the ability to focus all their energy on a goal
or idea was the major reason for their success. Failures on
the other hand lack the focus to accomplish anything of
consequence and curse fate.

If you’re serious about succeeding and living the life of
your dreams, try this exercise for the next thirty days. At
the end of the thirty days you’ll find you have a greater
sense of self worth. You’ll be taking a major step towards
developing the laser sharp focus necessary to make you a

Before going to bed at night and in the morning upon
rising, repeat the following affirmation.

"I am going to choose my own thoughts, and to hold them as
long as I choose. I am going to shut out all thoughts that
weaken or interfere; that make me timid. My Will is as
strong as anyone else's.”

You now know the secret to success. There are no more
excuses. Your success is in your hands.

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi

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John is the editor and publisher of The Path To
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