There are times in life when things seem challenging and you have to use so many tools to get yourself on track. And then, there are times when you know you are doing great: you’ve set goals, visioned the ideal outcome, organized your actions, and are taking major steps in the direction you want to go in. You are flying high; feeling confident, valued, empowered, and abundant. Is it time to just coast along? Or is there something else you could do to propel yourself even further down your path?

There are magical times when everything seems in the flow, the pieces are falling into place. And yes, I believe it is worth while to enjoy and celebrate the beautiful strengths and skills you’ve been able to put to good use. But, this can also be a very valuable time to “buy” some insurance for the future.

Life comes and goes in cycles. What goes up must come down. There will be a moment in your future where insecurities and doubts seep into your mind. There will come a time when challenges threaten to overwhelm you. So, I invite you to add an extra little action to the high times to help you battle the low ones ahead.

When you feel that zest of confidence, faith, and success, it is the best time to gather a list of affirmations and reasons why you are so great. These can be hard to muster up when you’re feeling low, but come easily when flying high, and can actually reserve some positive energy, almost like a savings account, for those rainy days.

So, next time you are flying high, as you sit back to admire and enjoy, take out a piece of paper and write 25 affirmations of why you and/or life is so great. You may be surprised by how easily they just flow out of you. “I’m at the top of my game,” “My family is healthy and loving,” “I am willing and courageous.” Then put this list somewhere you will be sure to find when the insecurities come in (maybe the fridge or the liquor cabinet).

This way, you’ve put in some insurance for the rough times. Not only does it impact that unknown future, it’s also a good opportunity for you to acknowledge and honor what has brought you to this happy place. Once you’ve tasted success, you want to savor it and have a way of recalling the flavor. Give this list a try and watch as you bounce back much quicker when the clouds roll in.

Some of you are thinking, “Well great, Jessica, but right now is one of those lows, so how does this help me?” There is always another way of approaching this action and getting some goods during the tough times. I invite you to think about someone who seems to have it all together and is doing great. Then make a list of observations about what they have. “She always has an answer.” “She has a cunning sparkle in her eye.” It doesn’t matter if you have a twinge of cynicism. Don’t beat yourself up over that, you’re just feeling some jealousy, and that is normal.

Then, take your list of she and turn it into I. It may feel a bit awkward and unrealistic at first, but keep saying these affirmations and it will open up that potential in you. All the glories of the Universe reside inside your heart; we just need to find a way to let them out. Perhaps this step will help you to release the beauties inside of you.

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Jessica Sabatini is an avid speaker/trainer as well as a Certified Results Coach. Through her company, Prosper with Purpose, she works with individuals and teams who want to reach huge goals within a single year. Whether you desire to launch a business, increase income, boost your confidence, have more fun, or organized your time and space, you can speed up the time line by using a coach that is right for you.

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